Healthy Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type

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Everyone wants healthy skin, but not everyone knows how to go about doing it. Skincare is a sensitive subject with many different opinions on what works best for the individual.

Skincare Tips For Every Skin Type

Want to know how you can take care of your skin, no matter what type it may be? Then stay tuned! We’ll get into the specifics in just a moment.

Learn About Your Skin Type

There are many different skin types, so it’s important to define yours before creating a routine. For example, if you have oily skin, look for products that help prevent acne and unclog pores while hydrating the top layer of your epidermis. If you have dry or sensitive skin, however; avoid any scrubs as they may damage the fragile barrier. Moreover, consider using serums that penetrate deeper into your dermis in order to provide hydration without drying out too much moisture from the surface!

According to Chic la Vie Med Spa, there are many skincare products that can maximize your skincare regimen. The treatments and techniques depend on the type of skin you have so it is important to know what kind you have before choosing which ones work best for you.

Dry, Flaky Skin

To prevent dry skin, limit yourself to short showers and only once a day. Wash with a gentle cleanser that doesn’t contain alcohol or fragrance then pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer throughout the day for hydration. Use emollient ingredients in cream-based moisturizers which you reapply during the course of the day as well as use an exfoliator weekly so dead cells don’t build up on top of healthy ones causing flakiness, scaling, etc.

Oily Skin

A dermatologist will be able to provide you with specific advice on your skin type, but in general, it’s best that individuals suffering from dry or sensitive skins use gentle cleansing products sulfate-free cleansers are ideal as they do not strip the natural oils essential for healthy hydrated looking skin.

Oily skin can be shiny and greasy with enlarged pores. It should have 2 daily washes using a salicylic acid cleanser that could help keep pores unclogged, but it shouldn’t be scrubbed harshly. The product used must not say ‘non-comedogenic as this means they are likely to clog the pore instead of cleaning them off which is what we want for oily skins!

Combination Skin

For those with combination skin, it can be difficult to balance the needs of dry and oily areas. It’s important to use a moisturizer on your cheeks but reduce excess oil with products containing salicylic acid in other parts such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Use a gentle cleanser along with an exfoliator once per week also works well for a clear healthy-looking complexion!

Normal-Looking Skin

Having normal skin means you are one of the lucky ones who don’t have to worry about breakouts or redness. However, it’s still important to follow a healthy skincare routine if you want your skin to look good and feeling great. Here are some tips that every type needs: use a gentle cleanser along with moisturizer daily then protect yourself from both UVA & UVB rays by applying sunscreen regularly throughout the year.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be related to underlying skin conditions, stress, sleep deprivation, and environmental factors. It may sting or burn when applying new products especially with fragrance or preservative in it.

To avoid stripping skin’s natural lipids, opt for a non-foaming face wash. Green tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help calm irritated skin. In addition to using sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as the active ingredient rather than chemical blockers, those who want their makeup routine streamlined might consider choosing mineral powder foundation over liquid foundations and tinted moisturizers.

Chic la Vie Med Spa’s Skincare Specialists Are Here to Help

If you or a family member suffer from an itchy, painful, or irritating skin condition and want to schedule a consultation with Chic la Vie Med Spa dermatologists in the Las Vegas area contact them at (702) 233-8535.

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