So you’ve been travelling and find yourself in the middle of nowhere and need to make some money.  What do you do?  Lucky for you we’ve got 3 different ways you can make money in the middle of nowhere.

FIrst way to make money in the middle of nowhere 

You’re in the middle of nowhere but you find yourself in a city with a golf course.  What do golf courses have?  Water hazards!  You go into the lake and find the golf balls that are in the lake from bad shots.  Collect a box full and approach the other golfers on the course.  Sell them for a dollar a piece.  Believe me, the golfers will buy them!  This is the first way to make money when you are in the middle of nowhere.

making money while travelling
make money travelling anywhere

Second way to make money in the middle of nowhere

You’re in the middle of nowhere but that place has neighborhoods with houses in them.  You drive down the street until you see a dirty car in the driveway, or some bushes that need to be trimmed badly.  You knock on the door and politely tell the person who answers that you are travelling and need to make a few bucks and would that you would gladly trim all their bushes for them for $5.00 or gladly wash their car for them for $5.00. Of course, they will need to provide the device to trim the bushes and the bucket, soap and water to wash the car.  But there are nice people all around that are willing to help out someone who is willing to work for money.  Give it a try you will see that it works!


Third way to make money in the middle of nowhere

You are travelling and nowhere but you are staying at hotels and that hotel has wifi!  Guess what?  There are literally hundreds of ways to make money using just the laptop that you have. Just one way is as follows:  sign up to Bloglovin.com.  Then go to Fiverr.com and register yourself as a “seller” of services.  Create a gig to sell Bloglovin guest posts for $10.00.  When someone orders, you write the content for the order, add an image, add the person’s outbound link to their website and deliver the order.  You just made $10.00 using your computer in the middle of nowhere.



There are tons of ways to make money when you are travelling and not in your familiar surroundings!  Be resourceful!  Don’t be one of those people that stand in the middle of the street with a sign and beg for money!  People are generally nice and will help you if simply point out something that needs to be done and do it for them!  Anyway, you now have 3 pretty easy ways to make money in the middle of nowhere.  Enjoy your travels and make that money when you need it! 


When it comes to traveling alone, there are many misconceptions. Many people seem to have the idea that you are not safe when traveling alone, or that you will get lonely. This is simply not true! Traveling alone can be a wonderful opportunity for self-discovery and growth. It can also help you find out what makes your unique personality tick, so don’t let these myths stop you from trying it out for yourself!

Exploring yourself through travel alone can be a life-changing experience. By going on your own, you have the freedom to do whatever and go wherever without having anyone else’s expectations or limitations hold you back. You get an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life while also getting some time for self-reflection in order to discover who you really are deep inside which is something that isn’t possible when surrounded by friends constantly.

If you’re a traveler who likes to roam, traveling alone is the way to go. You get to do what you want when and where without having anyone else hold your hand or set any limitations for you. Plus, connecting with people if it’s something that interests are really up in the air so there aren’t many downsides either!

20 Benefit Of Solo Travel

Solo travel has a lot of benefits that will change your life in many ways. Here’s how it does this:

  1. You become more self-assured

    If you’ve never been responsible for everything in a week-long trip, try it out! You can’t help but feel confident after being able to take care of yourself and others.

  2. You’ll be able to use your problem-solving abilities

    Elon Musk has some advice for those of us who travel solo to foreign destinations. He says we should start with what we absolutely know and solve problems based on previous experience because it’s our milieu. If you want a new approach, first principles analysis will help by forcing us to make the best assumptions possible about something new or unfamiliar using logic instead of relying solely on past experiences as is usually done at home

  3. You become a more global citizen

    Traveling the world is a great way to become an empathetic and conscientious global citizen. It helps you appreciate different value systems, economic challenges, political roadblocks, language skills, and ideas. You can share all of these things once you return home from your travels!

  4. Your sympathetic nature grows

    Traveling around the world and understanding different perspectives is a privilege not everyone has. Living in this bubble may limit your perspective on others outside of it, so you should try to understand their positions and gain compassion for them while traveling.

  5. You develop the ability to take calculated risks

    Traveling solo, you may occasionally take calculated risks. As you do so, your confidence to take the occasional risk will develop alongside your ability to safely navigate one.

  6. You are perceived differently by friends and coworkers 

    Traveling solo doesn’t just help you get where you want to go; it also helps others see the amazing person that hides inside of us.

  7. You have a deeper knowledge of yourself 

    As you travel alone, your strengths and weaknesses along with interests and passions become clear.

  8. You become more competitive as a potential employee 

    There are so many ways that this works. Here’s one: Combining your ability to travel independently and past employment experience as a team player can make you an asset on teams or in leadership roles. The problem-solving skills used when traveling alone could be very valuable for employers who need them down the line.

  9. Your own experience allows you to pursue entrepreneurial goals 

    Those who act with confidence are more likely to perform the work of a side hustle, freelance position, or their own business.

  10. You’ll discover how to rely on yourself rather than others 

    There is nothing like a helping hand. We all need someone or something to rely on, especially as we grow older and face new challenges in life; however, the people closest to us may not always be dependable when we need them most. Sometimes it can feel like they let you down more than anything else — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways of getting what you want and learning how to cope with your feelings without them around if necessary.

  11. You’ll discover that your taste buds have grown

    When we travel, it is such an exciting experience to discover new foods as eating at home becomes more predictable.

  12. You discover that you’re only at the start of a new adventure 

    When you travel alone, it is easy to get lost. However, this can be a good thing because you will find new and exciting things that surprise you! When getting lost does happen (which sometimes happens on purpose), just remember how to navigate your way back home.

  13. Minimalism will be more natural in the future 

    Traveling is truly an experience under any circumstances. However, when you travel solo carrying everything on your back and only with a small bag at the most it really shows how minuscule things can become in order to fit into our lives; ultimately showing us that we do not need much for ourselves after all!

  14. You develop flexibility 

    Life is not always perfect. Sometimes on trips, things don’t go as planned and you have to come up with a solution on your own!

  15. You practice remaining calm in tense situations 

    Being the one to stay calm when facing a difficult situation can be beneficial, especially if you are traveling with friends. You may find yourself as the only person who is able to handle challenging situations gracefully and effectively without having your coolness diminish throughout an entire trip whereas those around you might not deal well under pressure or stress at times, resulting in them losing their temper which will never benefit any of your friendships.

  16. You learn how to make what you desire come true 

    Traveling is empowering. It lets you try new things, experience the world in a way that people who stay at home can’t, and gives you opportunities to make changes in your life.

  17. You begin to trust your instincts 

    Without anyone else involved in decision-making with all safety up to you, I learned that following my gut is the best way forward.

  18. You’ll make more decisive decisions 

    Solving problems and making things happen is a skill that will come in handy whenever you’re alone. It’s great practice for real life!

  19. You develop your patience 

    Learning to be patient with yourself is a process that takes time. You may not feel comfortable in your new surroundings right away, but the more you figure it out and get used to being there, you’ll realize how important patience will play into making this transition as smooth as possible for both of us.

  20. You become more fascinating 

    Traveling solo gives you the opportunity to become an interesting person. You’ll gain different perspectives and experience new things along your travels, which will make for great conversation starters when meeting people in social situations afterward!

Traveling alone can be beneficial and empowering for women. Solo female travelers often report that it builds confidence, teaches problem-solving skills, and allows them to explore their independence. Don’t wait any longer; start planning your solo trip today!

Women have a lot to worry about when it comes to travel. We need to think about the perfect outfit, what we’re going to carry around with us, and of course how our hair will look after being in a cramped airplane for hours on end.

In the past decades, millions of American women have traveled alone. It’s a trend that is growing and both online or traditional industries are rushing to meet demands for this new demographic–welcome news if you’re an adventurous single female traveler!

Traveling Solo offers women the opportunity not only to explore their own backyards but also other cultures and countries. Some people may think that they are too shy or reserved for such an adventure on account of gender norms – this could not be further from wrong! Being approachable will allow you to meet more locals than if traveling in a group setting while getting a unique insight into the host culture’s lives with just yourself by your side.

Tips for Female Travelers

Before You Leave

You need to know a little about the land you’re going into before taking off. What are some of its important geographical features? And what events have happened in this country’s history that might make your trip richer and more interesting than expected? Remembering these things can help prepare both yourself as well as any locals who may be looking at foreigners with curiosity or suspicion (or even worse). It will also come in handy when trying out those key phrases for local conversations!

The beauty of traveling light is that you can go anywhere, anytime. It’s a great way to escape the crowds and get off on your own terms without worrying about getting lost or being hassled by people who want something from you!

When You Get There

When you get to your destination, it is wise to check in with the consulate. This way if anything happens or someone needs their family notified about where they are going then these people will know right away and come looking for them as soon as possible!

The best way to be safe is by carrying an unlocked GSM cell phone with a local prepaid SIM card. This will allow you the peace of mind that if anything happens, your friends and family can reach out for help in case they’re needed most urgently!

While it may not seem like a big deal to get cash from an ATM, the truth is that many women travelers do not have access or permission. Women in remote areas often find themselves relying on friends and family for funds when they stay longer than planned which can create difficulties; make sure you always travel with enough money!

The most important part when taking a taxi is to note the license plate number and verify that you agree on a fare before getting in. Always carry exact change so there won’t be any overcharging or frauds done by cab drivers who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge with local prices. Traveling alone at night can also cause safety concerns, but if it’s necessary for business reasons then make sure not only do they know where they’re going -you have enough cash!

Staying Safe

Being alone can be difficult at times so it’s important to make the best of your solo travel experience. If you’re going on an extended trip by yourself, consider choosing a busy hotel in downtown areas where there are lots of people around for safety reasons and because meeting other travelers passing through will allow new opportunities!

“There is a reason why we always recommend you to travel during the day. In addition, if possible make sure that your trip will begin in order for it not to be as daunting when arriving at night.”

One of the best ways to avoid hassle and keep yourself safe is by projecting a confident attitude. Even if you’re not sure where your destination is, people will instinctively bother less when they see that walk with intent in the opposite direction as yours speaks volumes about what kind of person is going somewhere else!

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, the most important thing to remember is that wits and intuition will be your best friends. They can take care of all those other details while they navigate on their own adventures!

Fall is the perfect time to go on vacation. It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold! You can explore new destinations or visit old favorites. The possibilities are endless!

The leaves are changing colors, the air is getting colder and it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll pack for your upcoming trip! If you’re looking for a new destination this fall, look no further.

14 Beautiful Places To Visit In The Fall

Tarrytown, New York

The Hudson River Valley is calling your name! Consider the beautiful Tarrytown in New York where you’ll find Headless Horseman stories and a legacy of writing excellence.

Or head over to the village for a day of fun and explore all it has to offer! You can take part in festivals, parades, or hayrides while visiting historic Lyndhurst Castle. If you’re looking for an escape from reality then follow your nose towards Sunnyside Estate where Irving once lived out his days as one fortunate tycoon after another successively comes true before our very eyes – literally.

The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze is a nighttime display of carved pumpkins in themed designs, accompanied by music and dramatic lighting. The event has been going on for over 80 years with thousands attending every year to see this spectacular sight!

Stowe, Vermont

As one of the most beautiful places in America, Vermont is a must-see for those looking to experience fall colors. I’ve heard that Saxtons River Distillery has its own maple liqueur recipe made from local sugar maples and it really tasteful! Stop by this unique distiller as you enjoy all things Vermonter during your visit here at home sweet home.

For those who enjoy sampling different kinds of cider, Cold Hollow Cider Mill is a must-see. You’ll find all sorts of “hard” too sweet flavors at this spot in Stowe that will please even the pickiest eater with their Vermontmade creations such as caramel sauces and jams made right on site!

Moab, Utah

Moab is a hidden gem in Utah that has something for everyone. It’s not just about the breathtaking scenery—Moabs offers world-class adventure, whether you are looking to hike up some mountain or go out of bounds on bike trails with your friends!

Salem Massachusetts

There are so many things to do in Salem during October! A whole month dedicated as a tribute to all the wonderful festivals that have taken place here. You can go on ghost tours, haunted houses, and more but you should also make time at The Witch Museum or even head over to see how it feels being an actual witch trial victim with their Memorial Park Cemetery Tour.

Portland, Maine

Maine is a magical land of forests and fields in autumn, where you can see the colors change from green to gold.

Harvest on the Harbor is a fun fall foodie festival with local beers, ciders, and spirits. The event celebrates all things related to harvest in Maryland!

Apple Hill, California

Fall in the Gold Country is a time for gorgeous red grape vines and crisp autumn air. Along with tons of apples, there are also many u-pick farms to choose from as well as roadside stands featuring different varieties all around this area that will make your mouth water just thinking about it!

Cider lovers rejoice! The area has many apple orchards and ranches to explore. Some popular ones include: Larsen Apple Barn, El Dorado Orchards, Boa Vista Orchard, Abel’s Apples Acres, High Hill Ranch

Estes Park, Colorado

The Autumn Gold Festival in Estes Park is a must-visit for anyone who loves beer, brats, and local musicians. There’s also funnel cake AND corn on the cob!

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Frankenmuth, Michigan is the first Oktoberfest outside of Munich to get an official seal from Germany’s city-state.

The German town was founded on American soil and has been celebrating with beer since 1874 when they hosted their very own pilgrimage fair – this time around though there were no horses or cows anywhere near sight!

Flagstaff, Arizona

While many people think of Arizona as a desert state, Flagstaff in Northern Arizona is surrounded by a beautiful ponderosa pine forest.

The aspen trees in the area are a beacon for travelers. Visitors flock here when they change from golden yellow to crimson red, with October being peak season and Flagstaff’s own Oktoberfest right down Main Street!


For those who love exploring vineyards and waterfalls, Oregon is an ideal fall getaway. With so many sprawling vineyards and thick forests in this state, there are endless opportunities to experience autumnal beauty!

Did you know that if it’s Halloween, the entire city transforms back into a different time and place? Head to St. Helens where they filmed part of Halloweentown for this fun event in which you might even spot an actor or two!

Circleville, Ohio

Fall is a time of year for getting into the spirit, and at the Fall Harvest Festival, you can do just that. Enjoy more than 10 thousand pounds worth of pumpkins to delight your eyes with their gorgeous colors or get lost in one Volunteering Fair too many!

There are also activities like cooking classes so if food isn’t enough then maybe this will be an opportunity to find yourself some new recipes while meeting people who enjoy fall as much as you do!

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Apple Butter Festival in Berkeley Springs is one of the most unique and delicious festivals you’ll ever experience. This fall tradition, which dates back to the early 19th century, continues many ancient autumn activities while yet being all-new every year!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The National Apple Harvest Festival is an annual event outside of Gettysburg that features apple picking, cider sampling, and live music.

Dallas, Texas

Autumn at the Arboretum is a must-see for pumpkins enthusiasts. With more than 90,000 giant pumpkin displays and creative features with 150 thousand autumn florals this festival has something for everyone! There are live bands that play throughout each day as well as tons of other events going on all weekend long so you can’t go wrong if fall captures your heart while exploring its colors in one place.

The perfect time to get away from the cold winter is now! Fall offers a whole new set of adventures and memories. You can explore different destinations or revisit old favorites, all while traveling with your friends and family members who also love fall as much you do.

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