4 Best Practices for Association Web Design


Associations need to have web designs that are affordable, easy to navigate, and professional. A good website design will not only attract new members but also retain current ones. A well-designed site is an investment in the future of your association.

It might be tough to build a website for an organization if you don’t have the coding or webmaster skills. There’s no need to be concerned! Our content management system is built in accordance with design best practices:

Keep all aspects of your logo, menus, and other materials consistent.

Make sure you follow accessibility standards.

An intranet network, as well as private pages, may be created.

Make sure your website is mobile-accessible.

Designing a website that is useful and helpful for your members will help them spend more time on it. To make sure this happens, think about what type of things you want people coming to visit the site (i..e., information) as well as how we can make our web pages easier to navigate with features like shortcuts or logos at each section entrance point!

4 Tips For Improving Your Association’s Website

Keep all aspects of your logo, menus, and other materials consistent.

A website is a perfect way to show off your association’s branding and mission. Your site should contain the same components as other public-facing elements such as marketing materials or social media sites in order for people to be able to connect the dots between all of those outlets!

For 2 reasons, maintaining a consistent brand is critical to the success of your website:

  • A brand is what sets your organization apart from all others. With a strong, consistent image that captures the hearts and minds of its audience members time after time again – you will have no problem recruiting new members or getting people excited about upcoming events!
  • To avoid mixing members, your organization should have a single brand that is used across all activities. This way they’ll know what to expect from you and it will give their impression of the organization greater credibility with potential donors or volunteers!

Make sure you follow accessibility standards.

The accessibility of your website is a key factor in ensuring that people with disabilities can easily navigate the site’s content. In this day and age, most web users have assistive technologies at their disposal which makes it important for you as a developer or designer not only to consider how someone will look but also what they hear when viewing graphics on screen!

Simple techniques for keeping your website up and running:

  • People with visual impairments can read web content more easily thanks to a high contrast ratio. The color of your text doesn’t matter, as long as it’s easy to read against its background.
  • Don’t make your readers work hard. Keep things clear and easy to understand by utilizing sans-serif typefaces in the greatest web content, such as Google or Bing search engines!
  • The alt text gives information to individuals using screen readers about an image or graph on a website, ensuring that they will not experience any gaps in their browsing experience even if they are unable to see clearly.
  • Consider utilizing free online solutions when creating captions and transcripts for videos. These can help with closed-captioning on your multimedia elements like podcasts or video content where it may be difficult for the viewer/listener to understand what is being said without pausing playback often enough between segments of speech.
  • A great way to make your website more user-friendly is by adding an accessibility widget. Associations are able, with the help of their CMS (content management systems), to add these interactive features so that visitors can change the font size or color schemes easily on any device!

An intranet network, as well as private pages, may be created.

As a leader in the profession, networking is an essential part of your job. This includes facilitating opportunities for members who have common interests and values to form bonds through events or online resources that are open only if they represent the field you do- such as blogs about what attorneys do on matters related specifically to these fields (i.e., profiles).

An association-focused CMS might make it simpler to securely share information among members, create a robust community, and demonstrate the value of being a member.

Some recommendations to keep your members-only online resources safe:

  • New accounts should be rejected as quickly as they appear, and any suspicious registrations should be investigated.
  • Encourage your team members to change their passwords on a regular basis.
  • To protect your site, you should require a two-factor authentication sign-in method.

Make sure your website is mobile-accessible.

Websites that aren’t designed for mobile devices are bothersome to browse. You have no choice but to tap and zoom when viewing pages, images, or videos which makes reading difficult on these small screens due to the lack of real estate available with your fingers!

Given that many individuals are always on their phones, tablets, and computers for work or personal use, being able to communicate with any information is critical. It also includes your future events, in addition to everything else!

Here are some simple measures you can take to make your site mobile-friendly:

  • Check to see whether the CMS you’re using automates mobile adaptation.
  • By adding drop-down menus and single input areas, you can create forms like your donation or membership form “thumb-friendly.”
  • To create an effective website, you need to make sure that pop-up windows scale down and away from mobile devices. This will allow visitors the option of quitting these annoying advertisements if they wish so without any harm done or waste of time spent reading them on our site!
  • To improve the speed of your website, compress pictures.

When you make your website mobile-friendly, members of the organization will be able to use and access it on a regular basis. Any items or content shared directly from their phones might now direct users to an event or resource that they may need!

Would you like to design an amazing, mobile-friendly website without giving up the sleek look of your current site? Check out Dead on Design for inspiration! They have captivating designs that can be mimicked in our own work.