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Leon County’s Kangaroo Court Lacks Credibility | Judge Judith “Joke” Hawkins Removed From Bench For Several Convictions By Supreme Court!

October 30, 2014


Judy 1

UPDATE: Judge Hawkins in Hearing when Removal Ordered

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Tallahassee Democrat: Report Shows TPD Unit’s ‘Blatant Problems’ | 371-Page Internal Affairs Report Exposes Corruption In Tallahassee Police Department For Criminals With Badges!

July 19, 2014


Watchdog Report

Report shows TPD unit’s ‘blatant problems’

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WCTV At 6 PM: Tallahassee Couple Files Federal Lawsuit Against Police | [Video Of News Coverage]

July 16, 2014



Tallahassee Couple Files Federal Lawsuit Against Police By: Andy Alcock – Email Posted: Wed 7:15 PM, Jul 16, 2014 | WCTV.Tv _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  WCTV Video Of 6 PM News ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The headlines include “Bad Cops”, “Exposing Corruption” and “TPD’s Jack Booted Thugs in Recent Stories”. It’s all part of the Tallahassee O website Rob Brayshaw […]

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UPDATE: Hawkins Files Plea To Stay On Bench After Ethics Convictions — Judge Judith Hawkins Faces Removal From Office By Supreme Court | Will Leon County Kangaroo Court Judge Karen Gievers Be Next With Unethical Alec Hash Corruption?

July 14, 2014


Judge Hawkins

One Corrupt Judge Will Be Down Soon Off The Bench And At Least One More To Go With Kangaroo Court Judge Karen Gievers… Judge Judith Hawkins faces removal from office ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Update: Document Of Leon County Kangaroo Court Judge Judith Hawkins Pleading With Florida Supreme Court Not To Throw Her Off The Bench! Filed 07-14-2014 […]

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Breaking News From The Tallahassee O | Tallahassee Citizens Of Husband And Wife File Federal Lawsuit Against Florida Authorities For Crimes By Officers Of Illegal Accesses To Personal Driving Information On D.A.V.I.D. System With Civil Rights Violations!

July 9, 2014



Federal Lawsuit Cover Sheet Of Rob And Stephanie Brayshaw Federal Lawsuit Filed For Crimes By Authorities Of Civil Rights Violations

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Chief Michael DeLeo To Request Outside Review Of TPD Policies | TPD’s Jack-booted Thugs In Recent News Stories (TPD David McCranie’s DUI, Christina West Beating, Winston Cover-up, Shootings, Etc.)

June 11, 2014



DeLeo to request outside review of TPD policies

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Top LCSO Leader Mike Wood To Leave Temporarily | Leon County Doesn’t Need Another Crooked “Double-Dipping” Backwoods Sheriff!

June 9, 2014



Top LCSO Leader To Leave Temporarily By: Andy Alcock – Email | WCTV.Tv Posted: Mon 6:55 PM, Jun 09, 2014 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Andy Alcock Anchor/Multimedia Journalist andy.alcock@wctv.tv Andy Alcock Co-Anchors WCTV Eyewitness News at 6  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ They protect your safety with more than 600 employees and an over $60-million budget. Soon there will be a temporary […]

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WriteIntoAction.Com Exclusive | Caught On Tape: Tallahassee Police Department Operative Melanie Tudor Stalks Child Witness

June 6, 2014



June 5, 2014 Caught on tape: Tallahassee Police Department operative stalks child witness by Timothy Charles Holmseth | WriteIntoAction.Com PHOTO TO LEFT: Photo by Alec Thomas Hash Melanie Tudor, Tallahassee Police Department, waits for a family court hearing to begin regarding Alec Thomas Hash. Tudor has absolutely no connection to the case she will attend. […]

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TPD Sgt. David McCranie Under IA Investigation For FHP Run-In | TPD Hires The Dumbest And Dirty Of Criminals! – McCranie Looks And Acts Drunk In Cop Cam Video!

June 4, 2014



TPD Sgt. David McCranie investigated for FHP run-in

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Breaking News! | Ethics Complaint Filed Against Tallahassee City Commissioner Scott Maddox By Doctor Erwin Jackson

May 20, 2014

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Ethics Complaint Filed Against Maddox By: Andy Alcock – Email Posted: Tue 7:57 PM, May 20, 2014 | WCTV.Tv  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Click Here To See WCTV Video Of Scott Maddox Ethics Complaint _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An ethics complaint has been filed against a Tallahassee city commissioner. The complaint claims Commissioner Scott Maddox failed to properly disclose conflicts […]

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