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We are asking our readers and supporters to please consider assisting Freedom of the Press Group LLC’s efforts in the form of small donations — $5, $10, $20, $50 — or whatever you would like to donate in helping out for what we provide to the public for free.  Other Newspapers or media outlets out there often charge and pay the publishing costs for articles with pay-walls from the public or hefty advertising sales.  We don’t have these as a privately funded group!  We are solely reader and subscriber-based.  It’s out of personal voluntary donations that we are able to drive to meetings, search public records, cover events and protests and obtain the needed open records, documents, tapes, etc.

PayPal is highly secure and most preferred. Other payment arrangements can be made through the TallahasseeO@Hotmail.comWe unfortunately cannot function without our readers and supporters for support.  Fuel, document costs, batteries, etc. for our cameras can get very expensive along with personal donations of our time to bring darkness to light within the corporate and government entities involved in public corruption and fraud to the tax payers.  There are many cover-ups especially in government that you need to know.  The government is the cause of so much public corruption and fraud because of the major difficulty of exposing these matters with the consumption of people’s time, costs and efforts.  Many things need to be exposed that you have a Right To Know.

Thank you very much for helping out with our cause. We really appreciate any donations that you are able to make to our non-profit organization.

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