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Freedom of the Press Group with The Tallahassee O website has become an independent growing “Messenger Service” of Tallahassee. 

Our website follows many of the American Patriot exposures of fellow Tallahasseans like Erwin Jackson, Steve Stewart, Preston Scott, Anabelle Dias, David Chester, Jeff Burlew, Andy Alcock, Bill Cotterell, Barbara Peterson among numerous others.  The message is clear that we will expose corruption of corporate and government officials.  This is in order to educate the public and bring these illegal and unethical actions to justice.

The Tallahasseeo.com website is legal under the First Amendment and it is protected by the United States Constitution, United States Code and Federal case laws.  But please remember that We do not condone violence or threats of violence against anyone including corrupt and fraudulent government and corporate officials that may be listed on this website.  Please do not post complete social security numbers on any of the profiles or comment sections.  If you post threats of violence or complete social security numbers on any post we will remove the post and deactivate your rights to post while banning you from the web site.  So please abide by these simple rules.  If you feel a certain way against a Corrupt Police Officer or Government Official, Just let Karma do its job.  If you have patience you will be amazed at how powerful karma actually is…..what goes around comes around.

We have numerous sources and individuals as contributors that expose information for the various articles on this website.  There is a network of individuals banning together to expose local corporate and government corruption.  All posts made by users or website operators should be considered as inaccurate or unconfirmed opinions unless backed by official public record documents and/or official released evidences.  Tallahasseeo.com and the web masters have Immunity from all liability concerning postings made by any third-party or website member, see:  47 USC s. 230(c) —Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (the CDA). —  Ben Ezra, Weinstein, & Co. v. America Online Inc., 206 F.3d 980, 985-86 (10th Cir.2000)  —  Batzel v. Smith, 333 F.3d 1018, 1026-27 (9th Cir.2003)—-Barrett v. Rosenthal CA Supreme Court (Nov 2006).  We do not provide legal advice. 

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The Tallahassee Observer and/or The Tallahassee O — not to be confused with the old, dormant, also-ran blog with the same name — was launched to become a non-profit and educational website force on the East Coast.

Our Freedom Of The Press Group dedicates this website of the Tallahassee O to our friend Rob Brayshaw and his family.  Brayshaw is a leading watchdog on corporate and government public corruption as a constitutionalist and civil rights leader that lives at the capital in Tallahassee, Florida.  This city is at the heart of America’s government corruption.  Our network of reporters have covered numerous stories about Brayshaw on our websites, newspapers and radio shows.  Rob Brayshaw and his family have a long history of being harassed by Tallahassee Police Officers.  This is only because of the “Blue Wall” cover-ups and corruptions of Officer Annette Garrett in which he filed complaints against her with Internal Affairs.  She was very rude, abusive and unprofessional during a frivolous trespassing case with no charges brought in which he was working as the property manager of a rental property.  Officer Annette Garrett is currently being sued in Leon County Circuit Court by another couple of Dick And Andrea Duffy in a separate case by other citizens for malicious prosecution, abuse of process, conspiracy and loss of consortium with her long history of lawsuits and complaints for abuses against the public citizenry of Tallahassee.  Citizens have even made complaints against this Officer with Internal Affairs for attempting to sell them Avon Products from her work office while being paid to be a police officer and not a salesperson.  This officer is a sleazy crook to the tax payers as a paid public servant.

Rob Brayshaw filed a federal lawsuit against both the City Of Tallahassee and State of Florida in September 2009 because of his false arrest under an “unconstitutional publishing law” for writing about this crooked Tallahassee Police Officer (Officer Annette Pickett Garrett, Badge #640) on Ratemycop.com.  Honorable Federal Judge Richard Smoak struck down the 1972 Florida Statute of 843.17 on April 30, 2010 that was unconstitutional both on its face and as applied for his false arrest that made it a crime to publish police officers’ addresses and phone numbers to intimidate, hinder or interfere with their duties.  U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak ruled that the law violates free speech rights of all of our American Citizens.  Honorable Smoak actually was very honest and ruled in favor of Rob Brayshaw!  He challenged the law with help from the American Civil Liberties Union for the violations of his rights to free speech, free press, prior-restraint, content-based regulations and equal right protections under the First and Fourteenth Amendments.

Brayshaw was only falsely charged with violating the law for posting on the Ratemycop.com website the name, address and cell phone number along with criticisms of Tallahassee police officer, Annette Pickett Garrett (Badge #640).  Officer Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) was the arresting officer (little buddy of Garrett) because of his bogus police reports written that didn’t state the facts nor even rise to any legal standard for an arrest under the unconstitutional law.  Indeed, Officer Dilmore did not state in his bullshit police reports how Garrett was harassing the Brayshaw’s on the ratemycop.com website or the fact that the public information of her name, address and phone number was highly available already among public records like his own.  All of this information was already public information about both of these officers on both the Leon County Court Website of the court itself for mortgage records and internet phone books.  There was never a crime for the mere republication of public information that was certainly never shown to be coupled with any death threats that may possibly be prosecuted under legal terms.  These police made up their own law entirely that didn’t exist in any of the other 49 states because they are dishonest and dirty!  The bogus charges were dismissed twice under ‘Nolle Pros” and because the state violated Florida’s speedy trial law in which the case was illegally filed without any legal merits for a second time outside of the speedy trial period.

Smoak ordered the City Of Tallahassee to pay Brayshaw’s $25,000 in legal expenses for his false arrest as unconstitutional for being falsely and wrongfully applied to the unconstitutional law.  The State of Florida paid $35,000 for the attorney fees for the legal challenge of the law being unconstitutional on its face.  It has been stated by sources that the case cost the tax payers over $100,000.00 in tax payers money because of the dirty cops, malicious prosecutors and overly protective state judges in which no crime ever even existed by Brayshaw even under the Unconstitutional Law as illegally applied.  These crooks in Tallahassee Government have all been Exposed in this Highly Publicized Case because they weren’t protecting and serving but Endangering and Disregarding the public citizenry.  These criminals are crooks in the local government regime like that of Nazi, Germany for being tyrants of “making up their own laws” for the mere publishing of an address.  If publishing any name, address or phone number was actually a crime, all American Citizens would be criminals!

Tallahassee is a very dirty and dishonest cesspool in their government with a long history of violating the First Amendment in numerous cases because of crooks in government.  The false criminal charges alone took much tax payers money and a vast amount of government resources for no crime at all with three judges, three prosecutors and four public defenders just for the false criminal charges separate from the constitutional challenges.  Ironically, the false arrest warrant was signed with Tallahassee Police Officer involvement on the same day that their drug informant of Rachel Hoffman was murdered under their personal care for a gun and drug buy with $13,000 in cash.  The City Of Tallahassee made a settlement to the Hoffman family for $2.6 Million Dollars because of the gross negligences and incompetences shown in the Hoffman case by Tallahassee Police.  This negligence and incompetence is proven with the Grand Jury and Internal Affairs Reports.  It clearly showed that Tallahassee Police Officers violated numerous policies in which they did not protect and serve Rachel Hoffman while getting her killed.  This is just another example of how these morons don’t protect and serve but endanger and disregard the public citizenry while lying and robbing them of tax payer’s money and resources.  Citizens have Constitutional and Civil Rights regardless if police officers like it or not.  Brayshaw personally has no problem in filing a federal lawsuit for standing up for those God-given rights.

The fact that the case was not appealed in Federal Court was the actual first wise decision the City of Tallahassee and State Of Florida had made regarding this whole matter.  The City Of Tallahassee and State Of Florida wasted over $100,000.00 on the case for a legal address publishing re-published from the phone books of public information.  The city and state never had a legal leg to stand on and no practical means, under any circumstances, of criminalizing, sanctioning or sealing the public information once it was already posted on the internet by the mortgage records of the Leon County Court for the false charges.  It’s like closing the barn door after the horse is already out that serves no purpose at all.

The Supreme Court has consistently held that government documents and information that make their way into the public domain–especially legally released documents from the government already like mortgage records– are protected by the First Amendment.  To allow the government to control the use of information once it is out is a form of censorship.  The only mystery that remains is why city officials chose to devote so many resources and tax payers money to this ill-fated case in the first place as shown to everyone in a Federal Court Order all over the internet with Officer Annette Garrett’s information even published by the Federal Judge himself.  Actually, it’s no mystery at all because the dirty cops, malicious prosecutors and overly protective judges work daily in the state court together like a family of the mob.  They violate the law constantly for protecting and covering up for each other regarding their crimes.  It was clearly shown that the City of Tallahassee and State of Florida officials are not above the law when an Honorable Judge dropped the hammer on all these clowns.  It’s certainly not a government official’s decision to tell a citizen what they are going to publish as their own right under the First Amendment.  These are public servants and paid by the tax payers to work for them.

The Criminal Regime in Tallahassee is weakening in which the “Blue Wall” came down after about 40 years with the Unconstitutional Florida Statute of 843.17 on the law books.  It is now unenforceable as a law only written for law enforcement officers that was never for the public interests.  Everyday in America, we have criminal cops like Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore running the streets with abuses of the badge and legal process.  These criminal cops attempt to make up false police reports against the public to make themselves look good while attempting to ruin lives of innocent people and their family.  They know that most people will not challenge or contest their abuses for citizens often having the lack of resources but they made a serious mistake with Brayshaw.  You can read the story about Brayshaw at the below links that have led to his mission of helping us all in exposing all knowledge of corporate and government corruption with our FOTPG, LLC:

The ACLU Press Release Regarding Brayshaw’s False Arrest As Applied And Unconstitutional Law 

Honorable Judge Richard Smoak’s Federal Order That Slams The Unconstitutional Law Illegally Enforced By Tallahassee’s Dirty Cops, Malicious Prosecutors And Overly Protective State Judges

Randall Marshall, ACLU Legal Director Also Wrote An Article About This False Arrest And Unconstitutional Law

Our Freedom Of The Press Group Has Thoroughly Covered This Case With All Court Documents To Show That This Was The Most Ridiculous Case In America Handled By Dirty Government Officials That All Robbed and Lied To The Public Citizenry.

Freedom of the Press Group includes many people from various walks of life, but with one shared vision: to expose political corruption and hold public officials accountable.  Some, however, seek to do that and educate people on alternatives to things such as food, diet, exercise and quality of life issues.



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