Tallahassee Community Council To Meet

Tallahassee Community Council To Meet

By: Chris Gros Email | WCTV.Tv
July 23, 2014
By:Chris Gros

Tallahassee, FL – There have been five shootings in July in Florida’s Capital City.

That gun violence is the reason a Tallahassee leadership council created by TPD is meeting Wednesday.

“Our goal is to sit around the table and we need to come up and find a way to combat this gun violence. With the recent shootings prior to the town hall meeting and after the town hall meeting,” said Pastor Rudy Ferguson.

The council was created on July 10th as part of TPD’s “Five Point Plan” to improve public safety. But members of the public say they want to see more than just talk when it comes to fighting gun violence.

“I believe that a mentor program is very important thing but at the same time these kids are. They don’t have anybody working behind them,” said Ti Ti’s Store Owner Yared Ballo

Although the council hasn’t listed specific solutions yet, Pastor Ferguson wants to eventually lobby legislators.

“I’m hoping this council will be the first to say let’s go to the capitol and let’s talk to our representatives and our senators and say hey listen we’ve got a major problem with guns particularly in the black community,” said Ferguson

As for how the council will perform?

“I believe that we can get the job done. Committees fail because people fail,” said Ferguson

Tomorrow’s meeting will be at the Jack McLean Community Center at 3:00 p.m. Eyewitness news will bring you full coverage as it takes place.

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