Leon County | As Close To “Hazzard County” As You Can Get!


So, Let’s Review Recent History In Leon County

We have a Judge (Judith Hawkins) Convicted Of Ethical Charges And The Supreme Court Is Looking To Throw Her Off The Bench.  Judge Karen Gievers has several citizens talking about filing federal lawsuits and ethics complaints against her for alleged corruption in her cases.  The Case Of Alec Hash has been a viral case of interest. 

We have numerous officials under an FBI Investigation as Rumors Have it including Jackie Pons For Backroom Dealings Of Private Contracts To Political Donors.

Doctor Erwin Jackson and Running Commissioner Steve Stewart continues to expose corruption along with the blogs Of TallahasseeO.Com, Erwinjackson.com and TallahasseeReports.com.

Former City Employee Harry Brown has had interesting stories at City Commission Meetings.

Tallahassee Police have had 4 shootings in a month, a death of a drug informant, going out of jurisdiction for a crime, Brutality of the Christina West and The Detective Scott Angulo Cover-up with TPD Of The Famous Jameis Winston Case.

Chief Michael Deleo has been on the job for less than six months and already called in a police review board which is a start but the whole department should be under a federal investigation leading to complete disbandment.  Chief Dennis Michael Jones was a complete disgrace as a police chief and showed that he couldn’t handle it shortly after taking office with Rachel Hoffman’s death.  Officer Holly Lofland was arrested and fired shortly after for writing false police reports along with several other officers arrested or resigning as accused of crimes like Sgt. John Newland, Brian Hart, Lyle Ottley, etc.

This is strictly what we do know…this isn’t everything we should know for an open government.

Want to know more!?…Read and Watch WCTV.Tv, TallahasseeReports.Com, Tallahasseeo.com and Erwinjackson.com that aren’t paid for article advertising that has the bias of other sources that coverup and shred much of the real stories.  


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