Steve Stewart To Challenge Nancy Miller For Tallahassee Commissioner | Great News! Hope We Get Rid Of Crooked Commissioner! Tallahassee O Supports Steve Stewart!

City Commissioner Nancy Miller Needs To Go As City Commissioner!  There Is Way Too Much Conflict Of Interest With Her Husband John Buss Working For The City For Stormwater Management.  Cascades Park was originally scheduled as a stormwater management system in which things changed with Blue Print in which Nancy was involved.

The Brother Of John Buss Is Richard “Rich” Charles Buss who is the “Bernie Madoff Of Tallahassee” known for being a slum-lord owner of the Dakota Apartments in Tallahassee that foreclosed.  He owns several companies of Buss Engineers, AHB, LLC, AHBP,LLC, DAK2, Dakota Apartments, Buss Contractors And Developers, etc.  Lynda Marie Pfundstein is the crooked girlfriend and business partner of Rich Buss.  This crooked business owner has been sued numerous times in court and found guilty of tax fraud by the IRS in which he had to refund thousands of dollars to his employees with the Dakota Apartments for 1099 Employment Misclassifications.  Wonder What Type Of Jackie Pon “Good Ol’ Boy Deals” That Nancy Miller gave to her engineer brother in-law Rich Buss who donated thousands of dollars by him and his girlfriend Lynda with their names and various company names?  Nancy Miller Should Be Under A Federal Investigation Just Like Jackie Pons For Giving Out Contracts To Political Donors Like Her Brother-In-Law Rich Buss Who Is A Known IRS Crook And Fraud! The family of Nancy Miller and her associate relatives have a history of fraud and corruption.

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Stewart to Challenge Miller For Tallahassee Commissioner

By: Andy AlcockEmail | WCTV.Tv

Steve Stewart has decided to wage a campaign against incumbent Tallahassee Commissioner Nancy Miller.

Stewart filed notice of his candidacy Thursday and is setting up a bank account for his campaign.

Stewart says he will pay the qualifying fee to run for commissioner by Friday’s noon deadline.

Stewart previously ran for mayor against John Marks in 2010 and then for commissioner against Scott Maddux in 2012.

Both of those campaigns were unsuccessful.


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