Nancy Miller Campaign Donations | Is Crooked City Commissioner Giving Special Contracts To Political Donors Like Federal Investigation Into Jackie Pons Dealings?

The Connection Of John Buss (Husband Of Nancy Miller) Heading Storm Water Management And Being The Brother Of Nancy Miller’s Brother In Law (Rich Buss) Richard Charles Buss Should Certainly Raise Concerns With The Thousands Of Dollars Of Donations Given To Nancy During Her Campaign By Rich Buss, his companies and his crooked business partner Lynda Marie (Morin) Pfundstein.  These individuals donated thousands of dollars to Nancy’s campaign for commissioner and Rich Buss was going into foreclosures at that time for his Dakota Apartments and other properties.  He was found by the IRS to be a tax fraud that had to refund his employees thousands of dollars for 1099 Employment Misclassifications for his tax evasion.  He’s also had numerous lawsuits by companies, residents and his employees while being a miniature knock-off nicknamed “The Bernie Madoff Of Tallahassee”.  People need to research the donations received by Nancy during her campaign given to her by criminals that clearly had an agenda for receiving business deals and contracts of “Quid Pro Quo”.  Why Else Would Anyone Donate Money When They Are At A Time Of Foreclosures And Lawsuits With An IRS Investigation For Payments Owed For Fraud?  Something is very fishy with Nancy Miller….And Her Husband John Buss and Brother-in-law Rich Buss Especially.  Isn’t There A Law For The Maximum Amount of Campaign Donations In Which Rich Buss, Lynda Pfundstein and their personal crooked fraud companies Donated Thousands Of Dollars To Nancy Miller When She Was Running As City Commissioner?


Please Click Here To See Public Record Of Nancy Miller Campaign Donations


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