Letter From A Reader: Community Concerns Of Chief Michael DeLeo Running Police Department, Tallahassee Needs A Real Leader As Chief!

Dear Tallahassee O,

The local community is having many concerns with Chief Michael DeLeo as the acting Chief Of The Tallahassee Police Department.  The History thus far seems to almost repeat itself like with Former Chief Dennis Michael Jones who was a disgrace as a local former police chief.

So, far with Michael DeLeo in office for less than six months — There have been four officer involved shootings of strictly black people in about the last month.  What is wrong with this picture and what is wrong with this department!?  It appears that nothing will change and DeLeo is strictly calling in a review board to the department as damage control to cover his ass.  Nothing appears to be changing especially in the near future.  It’s still the same crooked and dirty rogue group of thugs that would be unemployable in any other city.  Yes, we have a few good cops but the crooked certainly seem to outweigh the good in which the FBI should do a full federal review and even disband the Tallahassee Police Department.  The Department is so far gone that it remains unrepairable.

Just recently, TPD Spokesman Sgt. David McCranie was stopped by Florida Highway Patrol for leaving an establishment after drinking and driving while yelling at Troopers.  The Troopers were concerned about his stupid behavior while seeing him run red lights after yelling at them.  When you have this as a police spokeman, it says much to the credibility and professionalism of this dirty and corrupt department run by rogue thugs in the leadership.  Things always work from the top down in which the leadership of Tallahassee has a long history in years of completely sucking.

The Rachel Hoffman killing, the going out of jurisdiction for a crime, The Christina West Brutality shown on YouTube — Three Grand Jury Reviews are all prime examples of this broken department.  That doesn’t even include the Famous Jameis Winston Cover-up for the investigation of Rape handled by corrupt cop Scott Angulo shown in the news with a corrupt history of false arrests and cover-up investigations with conflicts of interest.

It certainly seems that nothing will change with this Department while it needs much more than a chief passing the buck to a review board to a paid company when a federal investigation needs to really be active. 

I appreciate that the Tallahassee O is keeping a history of all of these stories over the years regarding this department because it speaks volumes.  I personally regret ever moving to this city with crooked individuals like Mayor John Marks, Former Mayor Scott Maddox and City Manager Anita Favors robbing our tax payers with such subpar services. This is while Tallahassee Police Department’s Jack-booted thugs continue to shoot our dogs and our kids as citizens that they are paid to protect and serve.  I will move out of this hee-haw hell at the first opportunity and vow to never send my kids to this hell-hole.  There are so many city’s that have much better management and less public corruption.  It appears that Tallahassee is ranked the #1 City For Corruption on Google Searches for first to come up. 


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