Author Timothy Charles Holmseth Releases Book On Death Of Caylee Anthony | Also Read His Upcoming Series On Florida’s Judicial Corruption In Leon County!

Author releases book on death of Caylee Anthony  

June 9, 2014

by Timothy Charles Holmseth | WriteIntoAction.Com

“In Re Caylee Anthony (the shocking truth explained)” is now available on Amazon Kindle.

When a jury acquitted Casey Anthony of murdering her daughter Caylee in 2011, jurors would later state they could not convict Casey of murder because they did not know how Caylee died.

But the evidence always existed.

“In Re: Caylee Anthony (the shocking truth explained” is an explosive presentation of a fact pattern, that reveals for the first time, how evidence, which began to emerge shortly after Caylee’s remains were found in December of 2009, pointed directly to the culprits.

The book, based upon original interviews conducted by Investigative Author Timothy Charles Holmseth, alleges Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and the State of Florida knew far more about how Caylee died but simply refused to ‘go there’.

‘In Re: Caylee’ will stun even the most seasoned and studied Anthony case scholars – every reader is certain to encounter their own ‘oh my God’ moment as they realize Caylee Anthony’s last living moments were not inside the trunk of a car.

In 2011, Timothy Charles Holmseth assisted the attorneys of American Media Inc. (National Enquirer) with relevant information after Rev. Richard Grund filed a libel/slander suit against the publication regarding a story they published about Grund in 2009.

The National Enquirer’s 2009 article presented suspicions that Grund, an admitted former Satanist, that battles demons in the paranormal, killed HaLeigh in a ritual.

Rev. Grund’s libel/slander lawsuit was dismissed by the Florida Court and his subsequent appeal met the same fate.

‘In Re: Caylee’ discusses Grund at length.

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