Letter From A Reader: Leon County Kangaroo Court Judge Karen Gievers Has A 20+ Year History Of Targeting Doctors With Bogus “Civil Custody Cases Turning To Criminal Charges”…

Citizens Need To Read The Strange Similarities Of These Two Cases Handled By Karen Gievers As Seen In The Articles Below Along With The Recent Case Of Alec Hash…This Judge Has A Long History Of Being Nuttier Than A Fruit-cake!



The Case From Hell, Part I

It sounds, at first, like a faint siren, the shrill announcement of far-off disaster. Only after the fourth or fifth tone do you locate the source, a beeper concealed beneath the clutter on Dr. Lisette Nogues’s nightstand. Two years ago, when Nogues …

by Steven Almond on September 11, 1991



The Case From Hell, Part II

On September 23, 1989, Lisette Nogues, a consulting neurologist, and Andres Nogues, an aspiring physician and her husband of thirteen years, were accused by their fifteen-year-old daughter Aimee of child abuse. That same night, caseworkers from the F…

by Steven Almond on September 18, 1991


The Case From Hell: Part 3 – State investigators take a new look at the Nogues family’s horror story. And reach a new conclusion.

More than two years after the state Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services (HRS) removed Lisette and Andres Nogues’s seven youngest children from their Kendall home, citing alleged physical and sexual abuse, department officials are seeking…

by Steven Almond on November 13, 1991


Where Is Part 4 On Miami New Times?



The Case from Hell Part 5 – The most notorious child-custody battle in memory heads for its bitter end

In late 1991, when Metro-Dade Police Sgt. David Simmons was assigned to investigate the latest child abuse allegations lodged against physicians Lisette and Andres Nogues, his colleague Det. Ellen Christopher issued an ambivalent sigh. On the one han…

by Steven Almond on April 7, 1993



The Case from Hell Part 6 – False accusations. Emotional breakdowns. A system demonstrating its own incompetence. s just what happened in the courtroom.

The moment of truth had arrived, and attorney Karen Gievers was losing her grip. Her voice was cracking. Her eyes kept misting over. Much to the astonishment of lawyers and laymen alike, her questions were barely coherent. And those that did make sen…

by Steven Almond on July 7, 1993



The Case from Hell: Part 7 – After four terrible years, a hint of a happy ending

On July 23, after nearly four years of legal wrangling, the family of Drs. Lisette and Andres Nogues was finally reunited. In September 1989 state child-protection workers had removed the seven minor Nogues children from their Kendall home after A…

by Steven Almond on November 10, 1993



The Case from Hell (and Back) – New allegations and secretly recorded tapes — the Nogues family’s child-abuse debacle might never end

Comprising more than four years of legal brawling, the Nogues case can stake undisputed claim as the most tortured child-abuse battle in Dade history. The affair stems from a 1989 allegation that Kendall physician Andres Nogues sexually abused his te…

by Steven Almond on February 9, 1994


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