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Letter From A Reader To The Tallahassee O | The National Association Of Counties


The National Association of Counties (NACo) is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States.  Founded in 1935, NACo assists America’s 3,069 counties in pursuing excellence in public service to produce healthy, vibrant, safe and resilient counties.  Lake County Commissioner Welton Cadwell “Bryan just rose to the top in terms of what we want people to think of leadership in Florida.”  He has a reputation as being a “great leader,” said Florida Association of Counties Executive Director Chris Holley.

Commissioner Bryan Desloge is a graduate of Leadership Tallahassee and has held many government and civilian positions, to include:  Florida Substance Abuse and Mental Health Authority, appointed to Congressman Alan Boyd’s Congressional Health Care Committee, member of the Ethics Committee of Capital Regional Medical Center and Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, and most recently President of the Florida Association of Counties. When asked why he wanted to serve as a NACO officer, County Commissioner Desloge stated he would provide “honest leadership and upholding the values that unite every citizen.”

Yet records indicate Leon County Florida County Commissioner Bryan Desloge is just another member of the “Jefferson Davis Boss Hogg Good Ole’ Boy” network that continues to embarrass and humiliate honest citizens of Florida and continues to make Florida the ridicule and butt of “deep south hee haw” jokes from the remaining United States.

It Is Believed That Records confirm that shortly after graduating from the NACO leadership institute in 2007, Leon County Commissioner Desloge conspired with local abortionist, Stephen Duncan M.D., to illegally dispense controlled substances (amphetamines) in Florida and Georgia.  Documents confirm that local abortionist Stephen Duncan, M.D., before having his Florida medical license emergently restricted in November 2009, conspired with alpha-meds pharmacy of Tallahassee Florida, co-owned and directed by Commissioner Desloge, to dispense over 420,000 controlled substances (amphetamines) to Florida and Georgia.  An alpha-meds pharmacist estimated to investigating FDLE Agent Matt Sears in August 2009 that Dr. Duncan provided alpha-meds pharmacy, directed by Commissioner Desloge and assisted by pharmacist and State of Florida, Department of Health, Board of Pharmacy Vice-Chairman Jim Powers, with 90% of the pharmacy’s business.  One of Commissioner Desloge’s co-conspirators, a convicted felon, even proudly posted Commissioner Desloge’s photograph atop Alaska’s Mount McKinley on the wall of their amphetamine clinic, as if to provide the clinic a sense of legitimacy.  This same pill mill served countless high-level Leon County government officials, including Assistant State Attorney’s, Assistant Attorney General’s, employees of Governor Rick Scott’s office, and they were treated with substantial discounts to obtain their controlled substances from there.

Employees of several of Dr. Duncan’s clinics throughout Florida told investigating FDLE agent Sears they routinely faxed unsigned prescriptions for controlled substances to alpha-meds pharmacy, they in turn shipped the controlled substances throughout Florida and Georgia by fedex, noted by FDLE Agent Sears to be a violation of state and federal laws.  Dr. Duncan was later convicted of nine felonies. The State of Florida fined Dr. Stephen Duncan $50,000 and placed him under permanent restricted practice for 36 counts of violations of state statute involving the illegal dispensing of controlled substances.  A review of Florida Secretary of State records confirm alpha-meds pharmacy dissolved shortly after Dr. Duncan’s arrest and conviction.

Which leads to the next question:  Why were these two prominent Leon County and State of Florida government officials, Leon County Commissioner and prominent Leon County businessman Bryan Desloge;  and State of Florida, Department of Health, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Pharmacy Jim Powers never charged with felonies in their role in the illegal dispensing of controlled substances throughout Florida and across state lines?



Related Documents To Bryan Deslodge:

FDLE Sears and DOH Knight serve warrant on alpha meds pharmacy owned by Bryan Desloge August 10, 2009.

FDLE Agent Sears and DOH Knight seize items from Dr. Duncan’s office, August 10, 2009.

FDLE Sears and DOH Knight serve warrant on Dr. Stephen Duncan’s office (Resolutions) in Jacksonville August 11, 2009.

FDLE Sears and DOH Knight serve warrant on Dr Duncan’s clinic in Panama City August 12, 2009.

Photo Of Bryan Deslodge Displayed In Clinic

Photo Of Bryan Deslodge Displayed In Clinic




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