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Father Sues Tallahassee Police Officer Stewart Clendinen (Badge #523)| Where Does The City Of Tallahassee Find These Morons Working For Us As Cops?

Father Sues Tallahassee Police Officer

By: Andy AlcockEmail | WCTV.Tv

MGN Online

MGN Online


A father claims a Tallahassee Police Officer improperly removed his two-year-old daughter from his home.

That father is now suing the city of Tallahassee and the police officer.

An attorney for Charahtis Hill filed a 7 count civil rights complaint in federal court Wednesday.

The complaint claims Tallahassee Police Officer Stewart Clendinen threatened to arrest Hill if he didn’t relinquish his daughter.

It all started when the girl’s mother, who was in a Georgia prison at the time, gave her parental rights to her sister.

The sister traveled to Tallahassee with the parental rights document from the Georgia Corrections Department and called TPD.

The complaint says Hill showed a copy of his daughter’s birth certificate to Officer Clendinen, but he ordered Hill to give up his daughter to an aunt she barely knew under threat of arrest.

The complaint notes Florida law requires the Department of Children and Families to get a court order for an officer to remove a child from his or her parent.

Or an officer would have to believe a crime is being committed to remove a child.

The complaint says neither instance applied.

“If the law can’t help these people, it can’t help anybody,” said Hill’s attorney Steven Andrews. “That’s what it says,” he said.

A city of Tallahassee representative was checking Wednesday to see if someone would comment on the lawsuit.

So far, there’s been no comment.

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