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What You Should Know About Crooked Building Engineer And Business Owner Richard Charles Buss (Rich Buss) | The “Bernie Madoff” Fraud Of Tallahassee

Notice To All Citizens:

Everyone Needs To Be Aware Of Crooked Business Owner And Building Engineer Richard Charles Buss Of Tallahassee Along With His Business Partner/Crook Girlfriend Lynda Marie Pfundstein.  He has run several fraudulent companies of AHB, LLC,  The Dakota Apartments, Buss Engineers, DAK2, AHBP, LLC And Buss Contractors And Developers Over The Last Several Years After Working For The City Of Tallahassee.  The Business Partners Of The AHB and AHBP Companies Are Greg Apel, Michael Hodge, Richard Buss And Lynda Pfundstein. 

His Business Operations Are Run Out Of His Home Of 1260 Mosswood Chase, Tallahassee, Florida 32312.  His Brother Is John Buss Who Has Worked For The City Of Tallahassee For The Last 25 Years.  John Buss is the husband of City Of Tallahassee Commissioner Nancy Miller.  Rich Buss And Lynda Pfundstein Donated Thousands Of Dollars To Nancy Miller During Her Campaign For City Commissioner.  Wonder What Type Of Back-End Deals That They Are Getting On City Contracts For Their Personal Money Of Investiments For Her Campaign Payments By Them?

Rich Buss And Lynda Pfundstein Have Both Been Sued Numerous Times In Leon County Court By Creditors (Including Premier Bank And American Express), Their Residents And Their Employees.  There Are Numerous Lawsuits On File With Leon County Court To These Individuals for Non-Payments Of Contracts, Foreclosures Of Property, Employee Lawsuits And Other Legal Matters.  (Please See Legal Documents Attached) They Had Their Dakota Apartments Property Foreclosed In 2010 That Was Falling Apart And Personally Built By Rich Buss In 2001.  The Building Was Poorly Built By This Slum Lord Owner And Building Engineer In Tallahassee In Which The Foundation and Building Was Cracking Throughout And In Need Of Major Repairs.  It Was Found That Rich Buss Committed Fraud To His Property Managers As Employees In Which They Were Reclassified In September 2009 in Which Rich Buss Was Illegally Attempting To Claim Them As 1099 Independent Contractors With The IRS.  The IRS Found That He Was A Crooked Fraud After Their One Year Civil And Criminal Investigations In Which The Employees Were Reclassifed As Employees And Returned Thousands Of Dollars Collected By The IRS Received From Rich Buss For His Illegal Dealing With His Companies For Taxes And Penalities Of Illegal Tax Filings.  The Employees Were Wrongfully Being Taken Advantage With The Scheming Lies And Fraud Of Both Rich Buss And His Girlfriend/Fraud Business Partner.  The Employees Paid Thouands Of Dollars In Taxes For Years In Which They Should Have Never Paid Because Of Illegal 1099 Misclassification By This Fraud Company.  There Were Many Fraudulent Schemes, Tax And Insurance Frauds Committed By These Crooked Business Owners Of Rich Buss And Lynda Pfundstein.

Lynda Marie Pfundstein Always Associates Herself with people that have money because she is a gold-digger, liar and fraud that wants to separate people from their money.  She even had an affair with someone else while with Rich Buss because she’s untrustworthy to anyone.   

The Main Point Of This Story Is Don’t Ever Deal With Crooked Business Owners Rich Buss And Lynda Pfundstein

They Will Always Try To Rob You And Scam You! Just Read Tallahassee Police Reports And All Of Their Lawsuits In Leon County Court On Public Records!  This Is Your Warning To Steer Clear Of These Frauds!  They Made Up False Claims Robbing Their Contractors, Employees, Creditors and Residents.  You Might Want To Check Your Billings If You Do Business With Any Of Their Companies!  SCAM ARTISTS!  It Shouldn’t Be Any Surprise To Anyone That They Have Family Relations That Work In The City For “Quid pro quo” Of The Tallahassee Government’s Good Ol’ Boy Contracts For Backroom Dealing Of Contractors And Engineers Within The Family.    

Please Click Here To Read Legal Court Documents Of Richard Charles Buss “Rich Buss” From Leon County Court

Please Click Here For The LinkedIn Profile Of Crooked Business Partner Of Rich Buss — Lynda Marie Pfundstein

John Buss Photo

Photo Of John Buss, City Of Tallahassee — Brother Of Richard Charles Buss “Rich Buss”


City Commissioner Nancy Miller Photo

Nancy Miller, City Commissioner Of Tallahassee

(Sister-In-Law Of Crooked Business Owner Richard Charles Buss “Rich Buss”)



Lynda Marie Pfundstein — Crooked Business Partner And Girlfriend Of Rich Buss


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