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City Concerned About Job Losses | Shouldn’t Scott Maddox Be Concerned About FBI Investigations Of Crimes And Public Corruption?

City Concerned About Job Losses

Story by: James Buechele


Citizens Property Insurance announced plans to move 130 jobs from Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

One of the issues at hand? The lease on the property will be up next year and the semi-public, not-for-profit.

“I feel like we’ve been asleep at the switch over a long period of time,” said Tallahassee city commissioner Scott Maddox.

Tallahassee city commissioner Scott Maddox wants the Economic Development Council and the Chamber of Commerce to work to retain public jobs in government just like it does to help private sector jobs.

“We have got to protect our state jobs in Tallahassee. That’s our bread and butter.”

Maddox is concerned about other lease agreements that are set to expire in 2015 and 2019. He’s fearing that more jobs could be on the way out the door.

Something Tallahassee chamber president Sue Dick reiterated at Wednesday’s commission meeting.

“2015 these leases are coming up also a trigger point on some of those leases so it’s not as if we have just until 2019,” said Dick.

“If we face the same thing that’s happening with citizens we’ll see jobs by the thousands move to other parts of the state,” added Maddox.

Commissioners voted unanimously for both the chamber and the EDC to support public jobs just like the private sector positions. There’s still no guarantee that these jobs will stay.

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