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Meet Tallahassee Police Officer Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) | A Black Belt That Will Be Riding His Tricycle On The 2014 Police Unity Tour!

This Video Reminds Several People So Much Of Officer Mike Dilmore With The Tallahassee Police Department.  He’s A Joke As A Cop That Wouldn’t Even Be Hired At Toys R’ Us As A Security Guard In Any Other City Besides Tallahassee.  He’s Unemployable In Any Real Police Department Among Our Heroes.  Somehow, He Managed To Get A Black Belt But Hasn’t Won A Tournament.  He Will Be Riding His Tricycle In The Month Of May This Year In The Police Unity Tour.  See The Website Here:  https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/mike-dilmore/2014

You Can Donate Your 2 Cents (More Than He Deserves On Yearly Salary) To His Fund-Raising Page Linked Above Because You’d Hardly Put Him In The Category Of Any Real Cop!  He Probably Can’t Even Spell “Authority” As He Puts Innocent Citizens In Jail For Exposing The Home Address Of Crooked Cops Like Him.  He Certainly Doesn’t Know The First Amendment If You Read The Federal Order Below.  It’s Surprising Since His Wife Robyn Teaches Applied Civics At Deerlake Middle School For The First Amendment Class.  But You Know All About The Good Ol’ Boy Network And How These Cops Drink The Same Water Around Here While Marrying Their Cousins Like In West Virginia.


Related News Of Crooked Cop:

Tallahassee Citizen Still Being Targeted By Corrupt Tallahassee Police Officers | Federal Court Lawsuits Have Been Filed Regarding Police Bullying, Cop Testilying, False Arrest And Victimization With Media Contributions To The Tallahassee O Stories!

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