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Medical Waste Found On Tennessee Street | City Of Tallahassee Constantly Operated By Negligent And Incompetent Individuals!

Medical Waste Found On Tennessee Street

By: Andy Alcock  – Email | WCTV.Tv
Posted: Fri 7:49 PM, Feb 28, 2014

Used I-V bags and cotton swabs littered a left hand turn lane on West Tennessee Street.

Kevin Koelemij and Jacob Fryar were heading into town when they noticed some plastic trash bags in the road.

They stopped to move the trash off the road and found a bigger problem than expected.

“And as I bent over to pick it up, I realized it was used medical waste, so I called the dispatch center and they sent these officers out,” said Koelemij.

After Tallahassee Police Officers arrived, they blocked off the left hand turn lane where the garbage was found with crime scene tape.

A short time later, firefighters arrived.

At first police officers had their own cream colored gloves on to examine the trash.

After firefighters arrived at the scene they gave the officers orange gloves the firefighters also used.

Fire department spokesman Mike Bellamy says the orange gloves are latex free and used as protection from body fluids at a medical call or vehicle accident.

The officers and firefighters picked up the trash and put it in hazardous waste bags.

An officer put the bags in the back of a police vehicle.

Police spokesman Dave Northway says the bags were taken to Tallahassee Memorial for disposal.

Kolemij says he’s glad officers and firefighters responded.

“I don’t want to get a needle stick injury for trying to keep my neighborhood clean and the street safe,” said Keolemij.

There was no indication there were any needles in the garbage.

Northway says it’s likely the trash bags, which also contained household waste, fell off a vehicle.

He doesn’t believe it was an intentional act to improperly dump medical waste which would be a crime.

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