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The Tallahassee O Will Always Defend Your First Amendment Right To Free Speech!

Unlike other websites which accept payoffs and bribes to remove posted information, The Tallahassee O has and never will do so.  Other news websites will DELETE your story for money. The Tallahassee O Won’t.  When other websites run and hide, The Tallahassee O will stand and fight spending time and money to protect your free speech FOR YOU! Protecting the whistleblower.  When government or corporations in power attempt to shut down a website for the content of speech, it’s most likely that 10 or so more websites will pop up on the internet anyway as such illegal and unconstitutional attempts are being made for individuals that don’t want to be exposed.
When the going gets rough, other blogs and sites will usually protect their bottom line or legal concerns of bogus lawsuits rather than the Constitutional rights and freedoms this country was founded upon. – The Tallahassee O

Did You Know??…..

Here are some little-known facts you might find interesting:

  • Did you know – for over several years, The Tallahassee O Group has spent much time and money for legal and distribution fees for protecting and defending First Amendment rights?  It’s true!
  • Did you know – other websites will DELETE your stories or complaints for money?  The Tallahassee O won’t.
  • Did you know – other sites have gotten started by using content from our website?  (We Don’t Call It Stealing But Sharing Because We Want Injustice Exposed Unlike Other News Websites That Get Paid By Advertising And Pay-walls Which Often Determines The Actual Stories Being Published And Not Covering Much Real Local News.  It’s absolutely true!
  • Did you know – other sites are based outside the US because they are trying to hide from the US court system?  Not The Tallahassee O!  We stand behind every story on this website and will fight tooth and nail to the Supreme Court To Defend First Amendment Rights Regardless Of Unconstitutional Cops Or Others In Tallahassee Or Elsewhere That Don’t Like Being Exposed For Their Public Corruption, Unconstitutional Actions And Injustice To The Public As Public Servants Paid By Our Tax Payers.

 ”The fact that society may find speech offensive is not a sufficient reason for suppressing it.  Indeed, if it is the speaker’s opinion that gives offense, that consequence is a reason for according it constitutional protection.”     FCC v. Pacifica Foundation, 438 U.S. 726, 745-46 (1982)

Other sites CLAIM to help people. The truth is they really only care about one thing — the bottom-line of cash from advertising sales and themselves.

The Tallahassee O is different.  We’re not like other websites.

When other sites run and hide, The Tallahassee O will always stand and fight – FOR YOU!  Protecting your story as a whistleblower and exposing the injustice against local officials that think they have the power to suppress.  Any Case Can Go To The Supreme Court And The ACLU Is Often Willing To Help Especially With Free Speech Being Suppressed!

Other websites say they support free speech, but when the going gets rough, they will usually protect their bottom line rather than the Constitutional rights and freedoms this country was founded upon.  Unlike other sites, even when the speech involved is harsh or negative and even if our position sometimes generates negative press for us, we think that the First Amendment requires us to put our principles before our pocketbook and fight against censorship at all costs.  The Tallahassee O is the original news reporting website strictly for exposing Tallahassee’s Local Government And Corporate Corruption.  Others have tried to copy us but mostly they don’t have the readership and have no commitment to free speech and the First Amendment.  Other copycat websites accept money to take down postings, cave under pressure of lawsuits or threats to remove postings, and never spend a dime protecting the First Amendment.  Not The Tallahassee O.  We have spent about a decade defending your Constitutional rights.  No other local website regarding Tallahassee even comes close to our track record of successes.

We Started The Tallahassee years ago with one goal in mind – to empower whistleblowers by helping them to speak out, share information, and fight back against local government and corporate’s public corruption and bad business practices.  In the old days, government and companies knew that it was difficult for violated and ripped-off citizens to reach a large audience.  Because it was hard for victims to warn others, this made it much easier for crooked cops, scammers and frauds to find new victims.

The Internet changed all this.  Since 2008, The Tallahassee O has helped to educate and empower millions of people across the globe by creating a huge database of stories and information passed to other attorneys, reporters and professors to share.   We Have Thousands Of Shared Stories which grows with each passing day on our website.  As part of that mission, we have adopted a strict policy – we don’t remove news stories or posts unless inaccurate or untrue, PERIOD.  Even when our crooked local government threatens arrests or companies threaten to sue, we will stand behind our users and fight for their First Amendment rights by refusing to remove their reports of injustice.  Because of this policy, we have spent much time and money in fighting to protect freedom of speech, and we have a long track record of legal victories to prove it.

Recently, our successes have resulted in many new “copycat” sites, several of which pretend to share the same pro-consumer goals.  Some are good for the furtherance of free speech and sharing of stories.  Unfortunately, most of these sites are not what they appear to be.   Some of these sites are known to remove information in exchange for payments of $5,000 or more.  Some of these sites have stolen content from Tallahassee O As Shared By Users as part of their scheme.

The only local website you can trust for exposing public corruption is The Tallahassee O — we don’t remove your stories shared for money by anyone (never have, never will).

The Tallahassee O Website Is Still Standing On It’s Stories Shared For Years And Will Strive Ahead In The Future With Them Always On The Internet.  If Someone Doesn’t Like It, Well They Shouldn’t Have Acted Like Jack-booted Thugs With Badges, Violated The Civil And Constitutional Rights Of Others, Lied, Cheated And Stolen From The Public As Their Public Servants.  One Day The Tallahassee O Will Find You And Expose Your Public Corruption If We Haven’t Gotten To You Yet With Our Numerous Sources Across The World.  With All The Attorneys, Reporters, Professors, Violated Citizens, Etc…Free Speech Will Always Be Free For Those That Fight For It!

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