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What Happened To FSU Student Ryan Uhre And Could He Have Been Saved By Tallahassee Police? [Two Tally O Theories To His Death Of Being Found In Abandoned Building]

Unfortunately, FSU Ryan Uhre Has Been Found Dead With Details From Tallahassee Police Very Limited To The Cause Of His Death.  One Thing We Do Know Is That It Took 16 Days From His Disappearance On February 2nd During The Super Bowl To Be Found. 

Why Did It Take Tallahassee Police So Long To Find Him And Could They Have Saved Him? 

There Are Stories On Other Blogs That Ryan Was Gay Which We Cannot Confirm As We Didn’t Know Him.  These Are The Theories Based On News Coverage Of What We Think Happened To Him:

#1 — He Could Have Left The Place Next Door To Where He Was Found To Do Drugs Or Have A Gay Hook-up With Another Guy At The Abandoned Building Next Door.  (It Seems Like There Was Some Type Of Activity That Could Have Existed For The Trespassing To Go Outside Of Public View Like Drugs Or Sex!) 

He Could Have Fallen In The Abandoned Building For Not Knowing The Layout In Which It Had No Floor (With Danger Posting Hard To Read Or See At Night) Causing Serious Injuries And Breaking His Bones From The Fall.  Is It Possible The Tallahassee Police Could Have Saved Him — The Time Line Will Be Interesting As Other Cases Like The FAMU Hazing And The Rachel Hoffman Killing Because Of Police Negligence And Incompetence.   Is It Possible That Another Person Left The Scene Because He Didn’t Want To Be Known For Being Gay Or Accused By The Police Of Murder Or Personal Injury?  The Death Could Have Been A Freak Accident For Ryan Being At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.  Hopefully, he wasn’t starving and thirsty because police weren’t looking for him when they needed to be — early in the case of him being reported missing.  (127 Hours Like The Movie Can Go Quickly If He Was Trapped And Someone Left Him There Injured Without Food Or Water) 

#2 — We Think He Could Have Been Robbed And Murdered In The Alley As A Possibility In Which His Body Was Stashed In The Nearest Place Out Of Public View.


It Will Be Interesting To Hear From The Tallahassee Police About All The Facts Of This Case When The Investigation Is Completed And Why It Actually Took 16 Days For Them To Actually Find Him Just Next Door From Where He Left And They Finally Found Him Dead!  Was He Injured Without Food And Water In Which Time Was Critical For His Possible Safety Of Living Through The Ordeal?

We Really Need Some Tallahassee Police Officers That Protect And Serve The Public As Paid To Do Instead Of Endangering And Disregarding….The Case Currently Seems Like A Police Disaster Fueled By Negligence And Incompetence As Usual Like Many Cases Handled.  You Can’t Spell “sTuPiD” Without TPD.  There’s Absolutely No Reason Why It Should Take 16 Days To Find A Missing Person Found Right Next Door From Where He Was Last Seen!  All Local Citizens Would Be Best To Move Out Of Tallahassee To Be Protected By A More Professional And Competent Police Force That Actually Cares About Their Citizens!

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