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Tallahassee Citizen Still Being Targeted By Corrupt Tallahassee Police Officers | Federal Court Lawsuits Have Been Filed Regarding Police Bullying, Cop Testilying, False Arrest And Victimization With Media Contributions To The Tallahassee O Stories!

Below Are City E-mail Links Regarding Tallahassee Police Officer Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) Being Pissed Off And Wanting Revenge Against Rob Brayshaw For Exposing Him As A Crooked And Dirty Cop That Makes Up Cases For False Arrests Under An Unconstitutional LawFlorida Statute 843.17 Was Struck Down For An Unconstitutional Law That Was Wrongfully Used With A False Arrest By A Bogus Warrant Written By Officer Mike Dilmore.  His Case Didn’t Even Apply To Facts And Circumstances Of Truth As Shown In The Federal Court Order!

Please Click Here To Read E-Mails #1 (Officer Mike Dilmore Contacts His TPD Sgt. With Statements Of Making Up Bogus Charges Against Rob Brayshaw (Again) For Legal Publishings On The Internet About Him (No Actual Crime Committed By Anyone For Criticisms And Public Information — Of Course Mike Dilmore States Rob Brayshaw Published Info About Him On The Internet Anytime That His Name Is Mentioned!)

Please Click Here To Read E-mails #2  (The Secretary Of City Attorney Billy Hendrix Contacts Billy To Tell Him That Officer Mike Dilmore Is Very Pissed That Rob Brayshaw Posted Information On The Internet About Him (Without Any Evidence Of Such Person Publishing Info For A Legal Publishing Anyway With No Crime Committed As Shown In Attached Federal Court Order)

Please Click Here To Read E-mails #3 (Why Would TPD Legal Advisor Rick Courtemanche, Jr. Tell The General Counsel Hal Johnson Of The Florida PBA That Rob Brayshaw Is Specifically The Writer Of The Tallahassee O? – The Tallahassee O Is Obviously A “Network Of Individuals And Contributors” From The Stories Written On The Website In Which TPD Is Certainly Targeting Rob Brayshaw As Shown In Federal Court History Because Of Crooked And Corrupt Cops Of TPD That Don’t Follow The Law For Making Up Their Own That Is Both Illegal And Unconstitutional)


Related Lawsuits And Stories Regarding Public Corruption Of Tallahassee Police Officers:

Pawns in the War on Drugs : The New Yorker

Update: Grand jury says TPD knowingly went out of jurisdiction

Face-breaking Florida cops under investigation for DUI arrest 

Jameis Winston – Signs Cops Covered Up Sexual Assault Allegations

Federal Court Strikes Down Florida Statute That Criminalized Free Speech When Criticizing Police Officers, May 3, 2010

ACLU Issues Federal Judge Order With Officer’s Personal Information Published By Judge That Resulted In False Arrest

Randall C. Marshall, Legal Director Of The ACLU Publishes Article Of Unconstitutional Law And False Arrest, July 5, 2010

RateMyCop User Ensnared in ‘Dumbest Case Ever’

Brayshaw V. Garrett, Dilmore And City Of Tallahassee – Federal Lawsuit

Rob Brayshaw v. TPD Officer Annette Garrett | Federal Lawsuit Filed By Attorney Marie Mattox

Is Tallahassee Police Department Violating City Watchdog’s Free Speech?, October 16, 2012

Private Investigator Donna Brown (Ex-Sgt Of TPD) Got Caught For Snooping On Erwin Jackson

Man Tazed To Death 

Corrupt Officer Holly Lofand Arrested And Resigned

Letter To TPD From State Attorney Willie Meggs For Conduct Of Lofland

Officer Shannen Brown Attempted To Buy Crack Cocaine

Sergeant John Newland Resigns After Investigation Of Prostitution Activities

Allegations Of Abuses Lead To Officer Arrest And Firing Of Brian T.Hart

AJ Graham Lawsuit

Rachel Hoffman Lawsuit

Smith Lawsuit

Duffy’s V. Garrett Lawsuit 

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