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Young And Homeless Living In Florida’s Capital

Young And Homeless Living In Florida’s Capital

By: Bailey Myers  – Email | WCTV.Tv
Posted: Thu 6:53 PM, Feb 13, 2014

By: Bailey Myers February 13th, 2014

Tallahassee FL-Hundreds of young adults in our area are currently living without a place to call home, but one group is vowing to help.

With two kids, at twenty one life has been a struggle for Crystal Henry.

“Your a kid raising kids you know what I mean…And I am, but I do my best,” Henry told us.

She was living in a motel with her children, when her kidney’s failed. Bills began to pile up, and she found herself without a job, without money, and out on the streets. “Your basically embarrassed because you are that person that everybody looks at. That they don’t want to be there,” Henry said. When we asked her if living that way was difficult she said, “Oh yeah. To be judged and looked at like that? Yeah it’s hard.”

With no where to go, Henry moved into the Shelter in Tallahassee.  “It really hits you when you are sitting in the shelter in the mattress with the bed bugs.”

Her  and her two children are just a few of the estimated 550 young homeless  people in Tallahassee. Some, however, don’t go to the shelter.

While they are in between homes and in between couch surfing a lot of teens are forced to stay outdoors. One undisclosed location underneath a Tallahassee bridge is known to be the home for some teens.

“I think people picture a shoe less kid sitting in a cardboard box on the side of the road and that’s just not what Tallahassee looks like,” Taylor Biro with Capital City Youth Services explained.

She says that’s the reason her and Mike Mincy from CCYS travel to places off the grid. Leaving supplies and their contact information for kids on the streets.

“We just want to see them safe and succeed with whatever their dreams are,” said Biro.

Henry told us, “They came and talked to me they were a counselor a guide and an aide.”

With the help of CCYS Henry was able to enroll her children in day care, get a job and register for college classes. Now, she hopes her troubles are behind her.

“It’s so easy to look down on everybody else but you just don’t know what’s going to happen,” Henry said.

Mike Mincy told us, “If we forget about them forget about how important they are to us they will be forgotten and continue to be invisible.”

For more information about Capital City Youth Services, and their contact information you can visit their website at: Capital City Youth Services

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