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Today’s The Day! | Re: The Day We Fight Back‏

Dear Friends,

In case you haven’t seen it yet all over the Internet— today’s the big day!

Today, we’re joining dozens of organizations and more than 6,000 websites in the biggest day of action for NSA surveillance reform this country has ever seen.

We’ve come a long way since Edward Snowden blew the lid on the incredible extent of the NSA’s dragnet surveillance program last year. And right now, good, bipartisan legislation that would rein it in—the USA FREEDOM Act— is sitting in Congress waiting to make it to the House and Senate floor.

But the bill won’t make it to the floor for a vote unless we convince key lawmakers who are standing in the way that their constituents want them to support it.

That’s why today, tens of thousands of Americans are banding together to demand in one unified voice: Pass the USA FREEDOM Act NOW.

Do you have 2 minutes right now to call or email your representatives in Congress and ask them to pass the USA FREEDOM Act without delay?

This is the single most impactful thing we can do right now to make sure that our communications are no longer subject to unconstitutional government spying.

Our petitions and emails to the president and Congress, our rally on the steps of the Capitol Building, our work in the halls of Congress and in the courtroom— they’ve all helped get us to the brink of real surveillance reform.

Now we need to get to the finish line. Today’s action has been endorsed by a massive coalition of organizations, supportive members of Congress, and the Reform Government Surveillance coalition, which includes major tech companies like Google and Facebook.

Will you lend your support and help make this day of action a success?

Take action by visiting The Day We Fight Back website now and using the simple tools to email and call your representatives in Congress.

Tell them that we won’t stand by while the government sweeps up the communications of innocent Americans like us. Tell them it’s time for real NSA surveillance reform. Tell them to pass the USA FREEDOM Act now.

Thanks for taking action,
Anthony for the ACLU Action team

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