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Lyons: Scott Should Back Medical Marijuana

Tallahassee O Opinion On Where We Stand With Drug Regulations:

The Tallahassee O is against the use or purchase of drugs generally for health risks and financial costs of such habits.  However, we completely support the legalization of drugs to bring down drug prices with regulations, defeat wasted costs and deaths with a continued loss in the drug war.  Also, It would greatly save lives of narcs and so forth like the future Rachel Hoffman’s killed by Negligent and Incompetent Police that don’t serve and protect.  Citizens should always have more freedoms as this America.  Pot is legal in Amsterdam so it certainly should be in America.  Government Officials should never use drugs and it should always be a crime for them while working in office.  This is our opinion.  Legalize To Protect Our Citizens!  Family Members And Friends Should Not Lose Another Rachel Hoffman!

Lyons: Scott Should Back Medical Marijuana

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One Comment on “Lyons: Scott Should Back Medical Marijuana”

  1. george eady Says:

    AMAN the best words from you yet .jest 60 yr. to late .and over 20 million put in jail .


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