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Tallahassee Police Officer Complaints


Exclusive Special Report: The IA Complaints, City Lawsuits And Firings Of Tallahassee Police Officers (1987-2011)

TPD Officer Internal Affairs Complaints In 2012

TPD Internal Affairs Investigations Completed In 2012

TPD Litigation Matters (Lawsuits Against TPD) Opened Or Closed In 2012

TPD Officers Arrested, Retired Or Resigned In 2012


The Tallahassee O Is Bringing Our Readers This Exclusive Special Report From Us As Exposed From TPD Public Records. We personally feel that the Tallahassee Police Department has long been a “Criminal Enterprise”. In recent times, it has been headed by Tallahassee Mayor John Marks in which he is currently under investigation by the FBI. We believe a federal indictment against him according to sources will come in the near future. You certainly won’t find the local Sheriff, Chief of Police or State Attorney arresting and prosecuting the Mayor for his crimes among this “Good Ol’ Boy Network” being illegally run like “Dukes Of Hazzard” for public corruptions and cover-ups.

The Attached Files Linked In This Article Show Tallahassee Police Complaints, Lawsuits and Firings during 1987-2012. This clearly shows that the City Of Tallahassee needs a “Real Civilian Review Board” for the proper oversight of police officers with a Real Citizen Committee. Internal Affairs is a complete joke among officers plagued by cover-ups and corruption with the police policing the police among their buddies. Some of those Internal Affairs Officers have complaints themselves for illegal and/or unethical conducts in the line of duty. We believe the whole police department should be under a federal review.

Internal Affairs and The Florida Department Of Law Enforcement have long been shown to be connected among buddies and not handle officers properly. The Tallahassee Police Department And FDLE have many relatives working in the departments for being linked together of cronyism, nepotism and favoritism. Many of these Officers themselves with IA and FDLE have complaints themselves. Tallahassee Police Officers have various complaints, lawsuits and “very rare” firings in which the majority of crimes and unethical conducts get swept under the carpet by the Department with the public corruptions and cover-ups.

There have been numerous police abuses, constitutional violations, unethical and illegal actions being committed in which nothing gets done. The Legal System Of The Tallahassee Police Department Has Been Broken For Years In Which It Has Become A Criminal Enterprise Similar To The “Bubba Bust” Of 1984’s Key West Police Department! The FBI should be getting involved to take out the trash in this department.

We would like to thank our attorney and readers for getting us the various attached records and other information to our website network to share with the public and media. The crooks at the Tallahassee Police Department charged citizens over $120.00 for just 118 Pages for the public records attached. There was a claim of $10.52 per hour of research (10 hours) which seems ridiculous. These records should have been readily available to the public and on the internet already as the Public’s Records!

These public servants are working for us or we don’t need them at all. These high-charges by TPD for public records clearly shows that they don’t want to be easily exposed for their various complaints, lawsuits and firings of crimes and unethical actions for their self-serving actions. We enjoy receiving public tips and information from everyone for our democracy in government.

There needs to be Responsibility, Accountability and Transparency among The Tallahassee Police With The City Of Tallahassee. This has not existed as clearly shown with numerous documented events on this website from various citizens, attorneys, reporters and civil rights leaders. Many of these individuals act like Jack-booted Thugs together among the “Blue Wall” like a Mafia Group. The Herald Tribune recently ran a series regarding The Failures Of Internal Affairs Along With FDLE That Keeps Rogue Cops On The Streets With Their Numerous Complaints And Crimes.

The Herald-Tribune Examines How Florida Police Officers Can Stay On The Job Despite Multiple Complaints, Crimes

Please Read Our 118-Page Special Report Of Public Records Obtained From The Tallahassee Police Department’s Public Records Below:

Tallahassee Police Officer Internal Affairs Complaints, Lawsuits And Firings (1987-2011)

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