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A Lesson In Free Speech | Dirty TPD Cops Mike Dilmore And Scott Angulo Got The 843.17 Smack Down By Florida ACLU And Federal Judge Richard Smoak!

In Celebration Of Martin Luther King Day…To Those Brave Men And Women That Continue To Fight For Our American Civil And Constitutional Rights. 

The City Of Tallahassee Has A Long History Of Public Corruption And Cover-ups With Tallahassee Police Especially With First Amendment Violations.



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Pawns in the War on Drugs : The New Yorker

Federal Court Strikes Down Florida Statute That Criminalized Free Speech When Criticizing Police Officers, May 3, 2010

ACLU Issues Federal Judge Order With Officer’s Personal Information Published By Judge That Resulted In False Arrest

Randall C. Marshall, Legal Director Of The ACLU Publishes Article Of Unconstitutional Law And False Arrest, July 5, 2010

Is Tallahassee Police Department Violating City Watchdog’s Free Speech?, October 16, 2012

Crooked Tallahassee Police Officers Scott Angulo (Badge #746) And Mike Dilmore (Badge #694) Think They Can Violate Constitutional Rights But Not Get Complaints and Lawsuits For It!

Crooked Tallahassee Police Detective Scott Angulo (Badge #746) Under Public Scrutiny For Alleged FSU Sexual Assault “Cover-up”

Breaking News! | Tallahassee Police Officer Michael Edward Dilmore (Badge #694) Attempts To Suppress “Public Information” Of His Home Address At Lawsuit Deposition

The City Of Tallahassee Is Very Corrupt In Florida With A Very Long History Of Violating The First Amendment | Falsely Claimed To Be “An All-American City” Is Really A Nazi-Regime Run By Jack-booted Thugs!


Detective Scott Angulo – Badge #746 (And Elizabeth Angulo)

4232 Carnwath Rd

Tallahassee, FL 32303-2089


Dilmore Address


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