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Contact The FDLE (And FBI) About Florida’s Corrupt Cops

Florida Department Of Law Enforcement

Professional Compliance (Disciplinary) Process
Professional Compliance Contacts

Stacy Lehman, Training and Research Manager (850) 410-8645

Name Title Phone Number Alphabetic Case Assignment
Craig O’Connell Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8618 M, T
Clyde Lemon Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8649 B, F, U
Karla Whiddon Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8622 A, D, E, K, Z
Lee Stewart Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8634 G, P, V
Erica Bradham Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8636 C, L
Kandace Zachary Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8639 H, J, N
Ashley Hegler Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8633 R, W
Jill Simpson Research & Training Specialist (850) 410-8662 I, O, Q, S, Y
Lori Morea Admin. Assistant (850) 410-8625

Please Click Here For The Professional Compliance Contacts Of FDLE To Report Bad Cops And Address Local Police Problems

(Keep A Written Record Of Police Abuses Reported About Rogue Cops Because Often Internal Affairs At The Officers Department Attempts To Cover-Up Things — The FBI Is The Best Option For Reporting)

Professional Compliance (Disciplinary) Process


The Professional Compliance Section is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by officers, training school instructors, and Commission-certified criminal justice training schools for possible disciplinary or denial of certification action by the Commission, and ensures that due-process is observed throughout Commission proceedings.

Any officer who fails to comply with the requirements of Section 943.13 (4) or (7), F.S., by engaging in conduct that constitutes a felony or a serious misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement, or is not of “good moral character,” as defined in Rule 11B-27.0011, F.A.C., is subject to disciplinary action.

Due to variances in the “use of force” policy by local agencies, to determine if an incident constitutes a violation of the moral character standard, and to ensure standardization and consistency, the Commission’s “Recommended Use of Force and Levels of Resistance Matrix”, is used to review excess use of force circumstances.

Professional Compliance Contacts

Law Enforcement Ethical Standards of Conduct

Correctional Officer Ethical Standards of Conduct

Correctional Probation Officer Ethical Standards of Conduct

Frequently Asked Questions

2012 Probable Cause Determination Hearings – 2012 Meetings to determine probable cause.

Professional Compliance Bulletins – Quarterly publication of sample cases and answers to general questions received.

Initiation of Officer Misconduct – List of primary conditions for the initiation of officer misconduct cases.

Case Processing – Evaluation of the case information to determine if grounds for disciplinary action exist.

Professional Compliance (Disciplinary) Process – Overview of the professional compliance (disciplinary) process.

Penalty Guidelines – Guidelines for Revocation of certification, suspension and other penalties to be imposed.

Quarterly Discipline Statistics – Quarterly statistics for probable cause and disciplinary proceedings for sworn law enforcement, correctional, and correctional probation officers. Reports are available beginning with 2006.

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