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ACLU | Where Does the President Stand on NSA Reform?


Where Does the President Stand on NSA Reform? 

Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the NSA’s spying programs have ignited a passionate, nationwide debate about privacy and surveillance. Polls show that most Americans believe the government has gone too far in monitoring the communications of innocent people, and calls for change are being sounded throughout the halls of Congress and by President Barack Obama’s own hand-picked review board. But the president is singing a slightly different tune. On Friday, January 17, he delivered a long-awaited speech to outline the reforms he is willing to make to the NSA programs. Unfortunately, those reforms don’t go far enough. Check out the table below to see how the president’s reforms match up to the views of his own surveillance review board, and to the USA FREEDOM Act, the leading congressional proposal to rein in NSA spying.

What we need: an end to bulk collection of our records; an end to dragnet surveillance of our calls and emails; an end to excessive government secrecy; and structural reforms.

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One Comment on “ACLU | Where Does the President Stand on NSA Reform?”

  1. george eady Says:

    all of this is jest a play on words .T.Vs phones , internet , all that sends waves across the air .is owned by the F.C.C. and no mater where the info is put the Gov. will have access to it jest as they do now . . no warrants jest the word [ give it to me ] .hay Government . we the people are not as stupid as we were 10 yr. ago .but for you to play on words like you have for ever . you must think so .every part of America is control by the feds .. it is like your hand .the palm is the feds .the fingers is all of America . feds in full control top to bottom. the feds make us think what we say matters .what we wont matters .it does not .your vote does not .the way to beat voting with a laptop was out there yrs. ago .when computers are used .the reel winner noes not get the job .it is who the power’s can control . the top one percent. if this was not the case the corruption would have come apart long ago .it works by having the right people in the right place . this would not happen if the will of the public was done look at this .when words like .[may ,maybe ,could , can .should ,in time .] words like this are mint to mislead . they are lying. look for these words to be used . they wont use words like [will . ] they wont use these words . they would bit them in the ass . if the mouth of a politicians .or authorities is moving they are lying . over half of congress are million’s airs .and on 175,000 a yrs. .how .insider trading ,this we know .they were post to stop this .now there is a law . that said they cant brake laws that would put us in jail . what other low down thing are they doing .I will say it again .. politicians and those of authorities does not wont the job for what they can do for the public .it is for what they can do for them self’s .to sell there vote .to miss use authority .for personal gain. this is why so many millionaires .


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