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Breaking News Editorial! | Tallahassee Police Department Being Sued For Corrupt And Dirty Detective Scott Angulo!

The Attorney For The Accuser Against Jameis Winston is stating “You can not have law enforcement that is not held accountable.”

Regardless If Jameis Winston Is Guily Or Not, We Certainly Think The Case Was Mishandled By The Corrupt And Dirty Detective Of Scott Angulo With The Tallahassee Police Department. 

Angulo Has Had Several Lawsuits And Internal Affairs Complaints By Several Citizens.  He Is Also Currently A Defendant In A Lawsuit By Acclaimed Author Lester Coleman For A Violation Of Civil Rights To The Elderly.

The Alleged Winston Victim’s Attorney Patricia Carroll claims that the Tallahassee Police Department was negligent in the way it handled the case, which ultimately led prosecutors to drop the case.

Our News Network Feels That Detective Scott Angulo Should Be Fired, Arrested And Pay The Lawsuit Himself Provided That Any Potential Damages Are Awarded From The Jury.  These Situations With Scott Angulo Are Coming Up Frequently By Citizens Suing The Police Department And Making Complaints About Him.  We Have Received Numerous Complaints About This Detective From Various Citizens And Can’t Believe That He Hasn’t Been Fired Or Been Busted Down To Parking Meter Attendant With The City.  When You Have A Corrupt And Dirty Detective On The Streets Of Tallahassee – They Are Obviously Shown To Be A Liability To Our Tax Payers Because They Don’t Do Their Jobs Properly And Cost Alot Of Money!

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