Tallahassee O Editorial Opinion | FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston Deserved The Heisman Trophy!

The Opinion of The Tallahassee O is that FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston was definitely the best player this year for the Heisman Trophy out of all selected in the vote.

He was never charged with any crime so he certainly wasn’t found guilty.  In America, he is innocent until proven guilty meaning that he deserved the Heisman Trophy for his plays on the playing field.

On the other hand, we definitely had some good ol’ boy morons involved in the investigation or lack of investigation for the rape allegation case.  This certainly involved Detective Scott Angulo of the Tallahassee Police Department as the lead officer that did some really slop-cop police work.  He’s had several complaints to us from various citizens so it’s certainly our opinion that he’s a dirty and dishonest police officer.  Then you have State Attorney Willie Meggs which is part of the good ol’ boy network.  The “alleged victim” in the case didn’t seem very credible from reports that were made.  It’s unlikely that any jury would have found Winston guilty even if he was.  Tallahassee Police Detective Scott Angulo did such a sorry job in the investigation while protecting Winston from any reasonable investigation as a named suspect.  We think it was definitely a cover-up because of Detective Angulo’s bias and connections to FSU as a prior student and Seminole Booster that was paid to work the games while moonlighting for FSU.

There were so many problems with taking the case to trial because the Tallahassee Police Department with Scott Angulo and The State Attorney’s Office Of Willie Meggs definitely dropped the ball.  There really was not much of any investigation and the case certainly wasn’t researched well at all.

We may never know if FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston is really guilty or not but he wasn’t charged and he deserved the Heisman Trophy!  A suspect doesn’t have a requirement to defend his actions with the burden on the state.  The State Of Florida with the Office Of Willie Meggs didn’t prove anything and it certainly doesn’t help when you have a corrupt and dirty cop in The Tallahassee Police Department like Scott Angulo working the Special Victims Unit with such a problematic past of being a screw-up while being named in lawsuits and complaints for his action by various citizens.

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