Geraldo Talks About Jameis Winston Case | We Think He Would Have Been Found Not Guilty, If Charged!


FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston’s Lawyer Tim Jansen Speaks Out On Fox News With Geraldo

We certainly think that Jameis Winston Should Have Never Been Charged For Lack Of Evidence And Lack Of Credibility By The Complainant.  However, it certainly seems that TPD was very corrupt with the conflict of interest involved with Detective Scott Angulo.  Angulo was previously working and went to school with FSU and Seminole Boosters.  He threatened the victim with intimidation not to pursue the case according to her attorney.  Furthermore, it seemed very bias with favoritisms involved that State Attorney Willie Meggs didn’t have a “special prosecutor” considering his close connections to being an FSU Grad as well as many local good ol’ boy connections.  We certainly think Winston should not have been charged but the corruption and mishandling of the case by both TPD and State Attorney is unbelievable!  There will always be questions on why this case was covered up by Tallahassee Police With Detective Scott Angulo?  Angulo has been accused of several complaints working with TPD for his alleged misconduct and corruption by several citizens.

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2 Comments on “Geraldo Talks About Jameis Winston Case | We Think He Would Have Been Found Not Guilty, If Charged!”

  1. George Eady Says:

    DAMAGE CONTROW IS USED ONLY FOR THE GILTY .this case was so miss handled .Gov. Scott .this case will bit you at the poles .to do nothing .says you are part of the problem .and even 100 millions won’t fix that .for all of us in the state of Fl . that knows how bad the corruption is .me for 20 yr .don’t be the problem . be the fixer if you have the guts to do so .


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