After Spotlight Of Jameis Winston Case, Troubling Questions Remain

After spotlight of Jameis Winston case, troubling questions remain


Tallahassee O Note:  You know TPD really sucks as a department as a “cess-pool of public corruption” with crooked cops when you have “TMZ” talking about them.  TMZ usually covers the “Thirty Mile Zone” of Los Angeles for dishing the dirt on Hollywood celebrities. 

TMZ has now expanded to covering Tallahassee in local news because of our corruption that even they know which is 100 times away from the 30 mile zone being 3000 Miles Away.  The fact is that the Tallahassee Police Department Needs To Be Under A “Full Federal Review” especially with the history of shady characters being employed by the department “Thugs With Badges”.   Unfortunately, we do have way too many crooked and dirty cops like TPD Detective Scott Angulo (Badge #746) working for the department and making up false arrests with bogus charges and covering up other serious crimes with possible pay-offs from bribes, favoritisms and bias.


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    […] TMZ broke the story, coverage quickly began focusing on the site’s credibility and a possible police cover-up, accompanied by every version of victim-blaming imaginable. […]

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