Two Putnam County Detectives (Joshua Maynard & Raymond Strickland) Fired After Bar Fight

Two Putnam County Detectives Fired After Bar Fight

Published June 29th, 2013 |  WCJB.Com  

PUTNAM COUNTY – Two detectives from the putnam county sheriffs office were partying it up but partied a little too hard when they became inappropriate. The deputies were highly intoxicated. One of them started a fight, and the other was accused by customers of having intercourse in the bar’s bathroom.

It all happened earlier this month on june 8th at the hi level lounge in palatka. An internal investigation shows customers of the bar complained about a couple having sex in the restroom. At the time, Detective Raymond Strickland and his girlfriend were identified exiting the bathroom. When confronted about the incident the deputy said he’d only been in there for 5 minutes. He also flashed his badge, all while intoxicated.
Detective Joshua Maynard who was also at the bar and grabbed a female customer on her backside and instigated a fight with the female’s boyfriend. The owner of the bar, Larry Adkins says the deputy lost his firearm in the scuffle. “It fell on the floor and a female customer picked it up and gave it to my security guy which he in turn gave it to me, which i put it in my office,” Adkins said.
Hansel Woods with the the putnam county sheriffs office says it’s unfortunate that the two deputies lost their jobs. However he says that people working in law enforcement should be held at a higher standard. So this is type of behavior won’t be tolerated.
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