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The Stories

Class-Action  lawsuit to hit President, nine companies Something is being done  about the snooping and a former Federal Prosecutor is leading the way.   This suit names the big boys of the wireless and internet world along with  Barack Obama.

Is  NSA whistle-blower a traitor? The U.S. Speaker of the House,  Rep. John Boehner is the latest to call out the kid who ratted out the  government for its data grab on…well…all of us.  Hey, Putin says  there’s  nothing wrong with snooping, so it’s got to be O.K.!

Bill  Clinton – Father of The Year! Two words: No…way.  Really,  it seems like Bubba gets all of these kind of awards and it seems just a little  insulting, doesn’t it?

Listener:  This is the danger of government eavesdropping A vet in grief  counseling finds police at his door to confiscate his gun collection (antiques)  due to worries over his state of mind after suffering some losses in recent  “years”.

Obama’s list of  lies Forgive me as I take a moment and relish the fact that what  I have been reporting for years is now becoming accepted fact…the President is  a liar.

Illegal immigration “thing of the past” According to a member of the “Gang  of Eight” the result of their bill passing is that our problems with illegals  will become passe’.  I say it is impossible.

More  IRS actions come to light In this case by way of an audio  recording that shows an agent pressuring a pro-life group.  Will this ever  end?

U.S.  suspends conditions to send cash to Egypt There’s supposed to be  fundamental human rights observed where we send money (which we do not have).   Sec. of State John Kerry and the Obama administration suspended them to  send money to the Egyptian leadership (Muslim Brotherhood).

Schools  accommodate for Islam University of Chicago felt the need to  make room in their near nine decade old chapel for Muslims.  So, the school  leadership decided to rip out some pews.  Can you imagine the reverse ever  happening?

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