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Breaking News Alert | Liberty County Sheriff Nicholas Lee Finch Arrested

Update: November 1st, 2013 — Breaking News Alert l Non-Corrupt Sheriff Nicholas Lee Finch | Exonerated/Not Guilty of All Charges Crooked and Corrupt Officials Tried To Take the Liberty County Voter’s Election With The Sheriff’s and His Families Life


By: Florida Department of Law Enforcement  Email
Posted: Tue 5:55 PM, Jun 04, 2013 | WCTV.Tv

Press Release: Florida Department of Law Enforcement


For Immediate Release June 4, 2013

Tallahassee – Inspectors with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Office of Executive Investigations obtained a warrant for the arrest of Nicholas Lee Finch, 50, of Bristol, Fla., earlier today on one count of official misconduct, a violation of section 838.022, Florida Statutes.

Investigators allege that Finch destroyed or removed official arrest documents from the Liberty County Jail, making it appear as though an arrest never occurred.  The investigation revealed that a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrested a Liberty County resident on March 8, 2013 for carrying a concealed firearm, a third degree felony.  Shortly after the suspect was booked into the Liberty County Jail, Finch allegedly released the suspect and altered or destroyed documents associated with his arrest.

Finch was arrested just after 5 p.m. today and was booked into the Liberty County Jail.  He was released on his own recognizance.  Finch was elected Liberty County Sheriff in 2012.

The State Attorney’s Office, 2nd Judicial Circuit will prosecute this case.


Liberty County Sheriff Finch arrested after FDLE probe

Jun. 4, 2013 5:41 PM   |  The Tallahassee Democrat

Written by Jeff Burlew | Democrat senior writer


Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch was arrested earlier today on charges he destroyed or removed official documents from the county jail, making it appear as though an arrest of a man never occurred, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.Finch was booked into the Liberty County Jail and released on his own recognizance, said Gretl Plessinger, spokeswoman for FDLE.FDLE’s investigation showed that a deputy arrested a man March 8 on a charge of carrying a concealed firearm, a third-degree felony, Plessinger said. After the suspect was booked into the jail, Finch allegedly released the suspect and altered or destroyed documents related to his arrest, she said.

Finch, 50, of Bristol, was elected sheriff in 2012.

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25 Comments on “Breaking News Alert | Liberty County Sheriff Nicholas Lee Finch Arrested”

  1. George Eady Says:

    i guess you don’t know .F.D.L.E is code word for damage control .and meggs .he blue it in Okaloosa co. on our sheriff .that rip us tax payers . the whole time in office .all in bonus .gave it to the go with the flow gang .


    • Harley Reeder Says:

      Last time I looked, Okaloosa county is in the 1st Judcial Circuit. Willie Meggs is State Attorney for the 2nd Judicial circuit. William “Bill” Eddins is the State attorney for the 1st circuit. So please explain your statement “Meggs he blue it in Okaloosa”? For future reference, it is blew. Blue is a color. The former Sheriff of Okaloosa is presently serving a federal prison term. A circuit judge sentenced the former Sheriff to consecutive probation of 20 years after completing his federal term. By the way, Mr. Eddins was seeking addiitonal prison time on the charges brought by the state. The judge sentenced him, not Mr Eddins.


  2. shootinjh Says:

    If a deputy makes an unconstitutional arrest, should the elected sheriff ignore it or do the right thing? Citizens like those supporting the underground railroad in the 1860’s and those few SS soldiers that released Jews from custody can be described as “corrupt” but I support those that do the right thing!


    • Me Says:

      It is not up to a local county sheriff to pick and choose what laws he will enforce and engage in vigilantism and criminal behavior by destroying documents and evidence because he personally feels that a particular law (which he has sworn to uphold) is unconstitutional. There is an established process for the accused to adjudicate that.

      Where in the constitution does it say that a person is entitled to have a concealed weapon in any and jurisdictions without a permit?


      • patrick henry Says:

        RE ME: Where in the constitution does it say that a person is entitled to have a concealed weapon in any and jurisdictions without a permit?

        Hmmm.. See: 2nd Amendment copyright 1791

        I protest the fact that you people live in my country

        The destruction of documents is a different matter

      • Founding Father Says:

        @Me, to answer your question:
        (Where in the constitution does it say that a person is entitled to have a concealed weapon in any and jurisdictions without a permit?)

        “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” – Bill of Rights

        Look up “Shall”

        BTW – He is sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution.

      • Jerry Says:

        What part of shall not be infringed do you not understand shall not can not be interpreted as make up any rule wear-ever you want please read the document

      • travis Says:

        You should have asked where in the constitution does it say you have to have a permit to carry. Its the right to keep and bear arms. Look up the definition to (BEAR) which is to carry, lug, bring, transport; and a permit is an infringement on my constitutional right. He was doing what many need to do, like carry out his oath of office.

  3. Moonstorm Says:

    Vehicle carry without a license is permitted.

    Handguns – must be either “securely encased” or not immediately available for use.[12] “Securely encased” means in a glove compartment, whether or not locked; snapped in a holster; in a gun case, whether or not locked; in a zippered gun case; or in a closed box or container which requires a lid or cover to be opened for access.[13] Carry of a Handgun on one’s person inside a vehicle without a license is not permitted (except in the case of open carry in accordance with the law outlined above). Once a handgun is securely encased, it can be stored anywhere inside the vehicle and is not limited to just the glove compartment/center console.
    Long Guns – a legal firearm other than a handgun may be anywhere in a private conveyance when such firearm is being carried for a lawful use.[14]


  4. Moonstorm Says:

    Sheriff Finch destroyed potential evidence rather that going through proper channels to get charges dismissed. I am all for Second Amendment rights, but we can’t uphold them by allowing law enforcement to break laws. Where are the “details” of this case/arrest for the public to see? Destroyed by Sheriff Finch.


  5. Margie Woodham Says:

    And now Tallahassee O, in your first article about Sheriff finch’s arrest you called him a CORRUPT sheriff with no backing but for the fact he did indeed get arrested. I read the dirt and now I want to see the truth coming out. Get caught up on the news and call those who are corrupt and criminals what they are and help restore our election in Liberty County. If you have written about all of these corrupt people point to the articles for me. Otherwise do some truthful reporting and get this case up to date Start checking with Willie Meggs. Governor Scott, then into Liberty County at the sheriff’s department. a secret recording that jumped back and hit them where the sun don’t shine, and an interim sheriff who wanted a news editor to try to dig up all the dirt she could on Nick Finch. When you get on him.I am waiting to see your caught up info in print. Thank you.


  6. Margie Woodham Says:

    Sheriff Finch told the jail employee NOT to start any paper work until he could get there and assess the situation. He further told the jailer to just keep Mr. Parrish in a holding cell. Since there was no arrest there was no record. AFTER the footage of the video and audio that would exonerate Sheriff Finch was in Willie Meggs hands, it was taped over.it Therefore Mr. Meggs needs to charge himself with the same charges he wants to press against Sheriff Finch, destroying public records with CORRUPT intent. However, I would guess Willie has no unction to charge himself just as he has done with other cases over the years such as leaking Grand Jury testimony. Accidentally, of course.


    • thetallahasseeo Says:

      No doubt that Willie Meggs is a very Corrupt State Attorney, What you say Margie is very interesting! Thanks for posting….


      • Margie Woodham Says:

        Thank you. There is ALL sorts of MESS going on here and in our state capital that needs to be put out in the sunshine and cleaned up. Sheriff Finch was wrongfully arrested, and suspended. I am just so tired of the underhandness that is going on ! Please check into it and speak out. The County Record in Blountstown is a good place to begin looking. The Calhoun-Liberty Journal may have .some news too.

      • thetallahasseeo Says:

        This is definitely interesting! Yes, there is so much corruption in this state with Tallahassee being at the heart of it all. It would not surprise us if records disappeared from this case as we’ve seen numerous cover-ups first hand as uncovered in public records and by reporters locally. Thanks for the advice….please let us know if you find out more. We will see what we can find out and talk to our local connections about this as well. Sounds like the media was used as a spin-cycle regarding the claims of Finch being guilty…it always makes you wonder considering the cover-ups involved in so many stories with the real facts not being in the sunshine yet. No doubt that there will be a lot more to come with this story in the future…

      • Margie Woodham Says:

        Did you notice, T O, that Sheriff Nick Finch was NOT given a hearing of any sort BEFORE his arrest and suspension with NO pay? No grand jury convened, no “sit down and talk with me first” was offered by Governor Scott. On top of that FDLE agents went into the Liberty County jail at 11:00 PM on a Friday night to find evidence or non-evidence of Sheriff Finch’s great crime. Thieves come in sneakily at night you know.

  7. Margie Woodham Says:

    Go to The Burnie Thompson Show facebook page to find the posting of an audio with Burnie’s interview with the Calhoun County Record’s editor, Kelli Peacock Dunn. If you listen to the recording would you please share to help us as we seek justice. Thank you.


  8. Margie Woodham Says:

    Tallahassee O, The news is getting hotter in Liberty County, and through the reporting of Blountstown newspaper editor, Kelli Peacock Dunn. Man,you folks ought to get caught up. Kelli will probably have this latest news online by the weekend. I feel that the surface has just been scratched a little.


    • thetallahasseeo Says:

      Thanks Margie! We see that on the web and agree! Working on this research to get caught up! Thanks– Please send us any updates to post! No doubt — the situation is very interesting. Regardless if he did or didn’t actually destroy legal case records for committing a crime, there’s definitely government wrong-doing in the case. Sure that there will be more to come! Sounds like all the facts regarding his arrest and firing have not all been reported in the mainstream media yet.


  9. Margie Woodham Says:

    Tallahassee O the crux of the whole story is that Sheriff Finch told the jailer to NOT do any paperwork and to just hold Mr. Parrish in a holding cell until he could get home from Panama City. Therefore there would have been NO paperwork. Also, Willie Meggs recently saw that Mr. Parrish was rearrested on the same charges (WHAT charges.. no paperwork (the sheriff destroyed it) and Monday a week ago Mr. Parrish took a plea deal in Liberty county and paid a $200 fine and some community service time and IF he does not get in trouble for a year the charges will be dropped. Also, at the first hearing for Nick he said he would drop the charges IF Nick would resign. Mr. Meggs back tracked after that. A comment was also made that he could run again next time, to which we say Mr. Meggs, he already ran and he WON! By the way, Nick Finch is NOT one of “the good old boys” and he is from Iowa, of all things! Also, Nick openly campaigned for Pete Williams.


  10. Margie Woodham Says:

    SHERIFF FINCH UPDATES: courtesy of FB page of Angela Woodham Finch via Burnie Thompson
    1. The Judge and State Attorney acknowledged yesterday that a Sheriff has discretion to not charge and release someone from the jail. The discretion goes to the State Attorney after the Clerk of the Court.
    2. The State Attorney acknowledged yesterday that it has been common practice to White-Out names on the jail log of people released since 2005.
    3. Florida Statute 943.03, Subsection 2 states that the Governor must specifically instruct in writing that the FDLE investigate anyone the Governor suspends.
    4. Despite all this, the Judge denied Finch’s motion to dismiss the charge.


    • Margie Woodham Says:

      A retired judge, Judge William Gary, was appointed by Governor Scott. We do not know why this particular judge was appointed and why they (the powers that be) insist on taking this on to trial. The trial is scheduled to begin after jury selection in Liberty County. Governor Scott has also refused to change venue OR to appoint someone else besides biased and crooked Willie Meggs. Kelli Peacock Dunn also has MORE news published today. In Calhoun County, one of the four “caught on tape” conspiring against Sheriff Finch, was appointed as Chief of Police in Blountstown last evening. This is truly a strange, mixed up, messed up world.


  11. Margie Woodham Says:

    There is a rally for Sheriff Finch in Liberty County ,in front of the courthouse, from noon until 2 PM Saturday, October 12, 2013.



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