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Monday, March 18, 2013

News You Need To Know

Today was a sweet reunion, of sorts.  This morning Steve Stewart returned with a story on The Morning Show.

A few years ago Tallahassee Reports was born and the idea was to offer a source of old-schooled investigative journalism.  As you should know by now, I am NOT a journalist.  Never claimed to be.  I offer opinion on the issues that make news.  Therein lies the problem…if stories go untold and unreported there is no news.

A glance around town offers a sobering reality.  There is no true investigative reporting going on.  There is not any real coverage of the many city and county meetings that determine the true agenda of commission meetings.  There is no depth and few, if any, questions being asked.

Steve asks questions and his questions are almost always based on the public record.  He has a knack, a knack for digging into the city records, transcripts, agendas, and minutes.  In the last many years, Tallahassee Reports has broken the largest stories in our city.  Other media outlets merely picked up the crumbs left behind.

The bottom line is that we need Tallahassee Reports now more than ever and I was thrilled to have Steve Stewart on the program this morning.  It’s a story you need to know and a story that you would not have heard anywhere else but my program and a story you could not read about it anywhere else but Tallahassee Reports.

The fun is just beginning.

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