This May Be the Best Argument For the Second Amendment

It can be described as a mindset or set of assumptions.  It is a frame of mind. We get stuck in one every once in a while. It becomes a blockage, or inability to see the truth in a situation or a solution to the problem at hand.  It can be a state of resignation, impasse, mental blockage, or complacency.  You can get a sense of the general publics’ mindset at the water cooler, barber shop, or social media.

How can do we change the mindset?  For some, finding the answer, or changing ones mindset involves deep thoughtful prayer, spiritual reflection, fasting, small animal sacrifice, or throwing a few hundred rounds down range at an inanimate target.   It could be an investigation into the facts, or a look back at history that changes one’s mindset.

Today, I perceive a mindset that is troubling.  I see a public resolve that we are going to have increased government control over firearms.  Either by the legislative process, or by executive order, something is going to change.  It will do nothing to prevent crime, murder or make children safe.  We won’t be able to stop it. This is the current mindset that I perceive; some are resolved, stuck in believing that it is going to happen no matter what we do.

This mind set of complacency will have a lasting effect on our liberty. I believe an argument debated nearly 20 years ago has relevance today and perhaps, may help change some people’s mindset.  Change from a resolve that freedom will be diminished, to taking a stand for our rights, which we believe to be true. We must not allow freedom to be diminished.

Understanding history is important. If we know why something happened, we can avoid the mistakes of the past.  The argument made in this video helped change people’s mindset, which began sweeping changes to how states regulate concealed carry permits.  I urge everyone to look at this five and a half minute snapshot of history. Hopefully, it will change people’s mindset; we don’t have to live in complacency.

Submitted by: Average Joe

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