Bully Florida Police On “Bum Hunt”

Florida Police “Bum Hunt”

Posted on January 19, 2013.

Video from the associated press:

Serious? This is how government deals with homeless people, people that most likely became homeless due to government intervention in the first place. If the government didn’t rage the war on drugs or create the housing bubble, maybe these folks would have jobs. Or maybe people would have more money to actually help them instead of having to resort to the police. Either way, these cops are simply bullying homeless folks.

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One Comment on “Bully Florida Police On “Bum Hunt””

  1. George Eady Says:

    your right about the drug war .roung for many reasons .pot not a drug .jest a easy bust for browie points .and with so much of that tax money payed back ..why is are det way higer .whos pocket is it in.and yes since there were no rules for the money for the banks .they told obma where to get off . and the banks took it out on us .and a nother thing all of the chep light bubs are gone. so the politicans bought stock in the new light bubs .and then passed a bill so that only there bubs could be bought .jest like there soles.


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