Call A Real Reporter! | Don’t Waste Your Time With Some Local And Biased Media That Is Paid-Off By Local Officials!

Andy Alcock


The Tallahassee O was created over a year ago because we are fed up with local reporters that don’t do their jobs in exposing all the local corruption of many corrupt officials within the Mayor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office and Tallahassee Police Department.

Yes, we think many of the local reporters are not only pussies when it comes to real news reporting and doing their jobs for exposing the local government corruption.   We also think many of them are biased, paid-off by friendships and advertising costs and don’t report any real news that’s actually new and fresh that hasn’t been exposed already by numerous private citizens. 

Luckily, there’s a new reporter in town — actually he’s been around about a year and he’s giving the hard-hitting stories that all local news networks should be doing!  The other local reporters and/or media groups should not accept this local corruption by government officials for continuing to sweep it under the carpet.  If you aren’t cut out for real news reporting, step down and let someone else take over.  It’s understanding that some people don’t have the balls for doing the job.  Also, you shouldn’t be corrupt as the local government officials by taking pay-offs with advertising to avoid the facts by printing endorsements for people that should never be in law enforcement or the judicial system on the local level.

Here’s who we recommend that you should call — Andy Alcock with WCTV.  Andy has got the balls!  He’s a reporter from Chicago that actually reports the news that the local government doesn’t want to hear because they are corrupt as hell. 

So, if you have a great story — don’t waste your time with the other local media — even here on the Tallahassee O, we prefer that you contact Reporter Andy Alcock to put the story on a greater scale than our website with more viewers and readers with WCTV than with us.  We would rather pick up the story after it hits the major media.  The purpose of the Tallahassee O is to expose stories of local corruption that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day so some Florida sunlight is better than no light.

Andy Alcock










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2 Comments on “Call A Real Reporter! | Don’t Waste Your Time With Some Local And Biased Media That Is Paid-Off By Local Officials!”

  1. MAUL10 Says:

    It’s about time!!! Thank you


  2. Ron Kelsey Says:

    I’m a long ways from Florida, but I have the best story on corruption you’ve ever heard. Misdemeanor probation is being provided by Idaho counties, duties prescribed by judicial. They do not have constitutional authority. When exposed for it unconstitutionality they added the word felony to Idaho’s constitution and clarified by doing so counties would have authority over misdemeanor probationers. Counties and the judicial are exercising executive authority. They force probationers to waive their 4th amendment so they can search their houses without cause, they are testing everyone without cause. They have to pay for all testing plus cost of supervision. If you recieve these links it provides most of the information. If your a constitutionalis you’ll know how much of a violation of the constitution this is.


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