Florida Highway Patrol Fires Trooper Scott Kuntsmann And Arrests Him On Perjury Charges

FHP fires trooper over false DUI reports

Posted:  Nov 08, 2012 7:40 PM EST |  Updated On: Nov 08, 2012 7:47 PM EST

Thursday, November 8, 2012 7:47 PM EST

By: Josh Cascio, FOX 13 News – bio

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TAMPA (FOX 13) –

The Florida Highway Patrol prides itself on its commitment to courtesy, service and protection, but trooper Scott Kunstmann had apparently not been living up to those values.  This week, he was arrested and charged with perjury and official misconduct, both of which are felonies.

“We’re fortunate in this day and age there is frequently a video camera rolling,” said attorney Andrea Flynn Mogensen

Kunstmann was under fire following the DUI stop of 71-year-old Robert Culbertson last November along Interstate 75 near Venice. The case was eventually tossed out due to inconsistencies in Kunstmann’s report and what was seen in the dash-cam video.

For example, at one point, the troopers were recorded talking about not smelling alcohol on Culbertson. Yet Culbertson’s attorney says in his report, Kunstmann writes they did.

“When I saw the video, it went off like a light bulb — they’re lying,” Mogensen said.

Affidavits filed by the state claim more inconsistencies written by Kunstmann after a stop in February of this year, and also from a stop on St. Patrick’s Day. Dash cam video showed a young woman who appeared to follow all the trooper’s commands in a polite manner.  She and her attorney also say Kunstmann’s paperwork and the video don’t match up.  They are trying to get the case thrown out.

“It raises concern over our police force and what they’re doing,” said attorney Michael Perry.

Besides being arrested, Kunstmann was fired Thursday. He had been with the FHP for five years.

“When I saw the video, I was surprised. It was almost as if the trooper forgot the cameras were on,” Mogensen said.

She believes these cases cast doubt on Kunstmann’s other DUI arrests and says defense lawyers are already asking questions.

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2 Comments on “Florida Highway Patrol Fires Trooper Scott Kuntsmann And Arrests Him On Perjury Charges”

  1. Randy Morris Says:

    This is a good move. We have many people who appear to not know right from wrong who have infiltrated our law enforcement agencies. For the most part they are self policed by IA’s and Inspector Generals who never find anything wrong with the actions. FDLE has complaints on a current Orlando Agent Michael Giddens for lying and submitting a false police report as well as his former FDLE Agent Supervisor Sandra Rena Wilson now Assistant Chief of Clearwater PD. Nothing has been done about these complaints. These corrupt cops have been protected by FDLE. They both should have long ago been fired and like this trooper, arrested for their felony criminal actions. We can not have honest law enforcement when we fail to enforce the same laws on our cops and in fact place them above the laws they are sworn to uphold. We need to start operation clean sweep out the dirty cops right now until we get a clean sweep of their corruption.


  2. Bamaman Says:

    Tell the trooper to apply to LCSO. They will hire him because perjury is ok there. Ask maj. Walker, Capt. Swearingen and former Det. Odom.


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