Preston Scott | Time To Pick Ourselves Up, Dust Off, And Get Busy…

Time To Pick Ourselves Up, Dust Off, And Get Busy…

I have always held to the notion that the best time to study film is right  after the game when everything is fresh.  When I played/coached I held to  the idea firmly.  In life after sports I do the same.  Whether it’s a  sportscast, a broadcast, or a show I like to go over what I did well and what I  did poorly.

Sadly, the GOP seems incapable.  Too many in power nationally on down do  not get it.  In the biggest gimmie election ever they lost.   Certainly, much can be attributed to a pathetic element of the citizenry who  simply want things given to them.  Some blame belongs to the media for  being in the tank for the Dems/libs.

Still, the Grand Old Party refuses to learn.

Right now, it’s like a tragedy in our nation for many.  Perhaps, the  best way out of the funk is to get busy.

I will tell you this…things are going to get interesting around here.   With that subtle little remark let me ask a question…

Who would support a new way and mechanism of getting the news for our  city?

The election locally has laid to rest any doubt as to how badly our community  needs, not a counter-weight but, a real, objective, grown up news source to  compliment local television and radio, not be threatened by them.

I asked the question through a poll, but now, as dad would say, “It’s dealing  time.”  Now is the time to begin the process.

Spread this blog to anyone or any business owner in town that may support the  notion.  This is not charity…good value for good distribution; good  content for readers support.

Business owners is where I would like to start.  On behalf of those  considering this project I have agreed to ask my readers, then my  listeners.  Business owners interested please send me an e-mail.   You may not hear anything for a few weeks, but you will.

Please, in the name of integrity…let’s make a difference. — Preston Scott

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