Tallahassee Police Have A Long History Of Abusing Innocent Citizens And Being Named In Lawsuits; Chief Dennis Jones Fails To Train And Control Police Officers Under His Command


Officer Annette Pickett Garrett, Badge #640 Lives At 1929 Queenswood Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32303.

Garrett has had a stack of complaints filed by citizens to Internal Affairs, FDLE and the FBI.  This Officer has also been involved in four lawsuits in three years for her police corruption of illegal and unethical actions.  When you illegally put a law-abiding citizen in jail for publishing an address, how much like a Nazi can you possibly get?  What is she doing to be able to stay employed as a police officer at The Tallahassee Police Department after so many complaints and lawsuits?


Why does the City of Tallahassee and/or The Tallahassee Police Department continue to employ rogue and abusive officers?

Throughout the years, City of Tallahassee officials, namely Mayor John Marks and Chief Dennis Jones along with Internal Affairs and City Attorneys have all been well aware of certain rogue and problem officers at the TPD, yet have refused to get rid of them.

Take, for example, Tallahassee Police Officer Annette Picket Garrett (Badge #640).

Garrett is one of those officers with a long history of abusing and violating citizen’s constitutional and civil rights that over steps her legal bounds.

In April through May 2007, TPD Officer Annette Garrett harassed and stalked a property manager just for doing his job in protecting a property and residents that he was paid to manage.  He had safety concerns and later had false police complaints of strictly trespassing in which Officer Garrett knew to be false.  Property Managers are protected under Florida Statute 83.53 for personal property concerns of entering a property for safety and property protection of doing their job.

This Officer Garrett was very rude, abusive and unprofessional with a two month false investigation in which No Charges were even ultimately filed with falsities in her police reports for attempting to obtain a false arrest with witness persuading.  When an officer like Garrett has a case that has no merit, she just throws in some false details in her police report for attempting to gain an arrest.

During April 2007, Officer Annette Garrett was also harassing John “Dick” Duffy for false charges of a bogus investigation.  The false charges were dismissed in court in which the Duffy’s filed a civil rights lawsuit in Leon County Court in April 2009.  The case against Officer Annette Garrett should be going to trial in the upcoming months with Attorney Marie Mattox as the Attorney for Duffy.  The constitutional and civil rights claims filed against Officer Annette Garrett are that of Malicious Prosecution, Abuse Of Process, Conspiracy and Loss Of Consortium.  The Judge on the case dismissed Garrett’s motion to dismiss by her attorneys on the case of Ginger Lynn Boyd and Billy Jack Hendrix just in the last few months ago.  Luckily, after nearly 4 years since the case was filed, it’s finally going to trial in the upcoming months.

It’s good that the Duffy’s brought a civil action lawsuit against this Officer Annette Garrett for her out of control actions that makes up her own law with bogus police reports while being sexist against men and selling Avon products on the job as a cop.

In another incident, in May 2008, Officer Annette Garrett had a law-abiding citizen of Tallahassee falsely arrested for merely publishing her home address on Ratemycop.com and exposing her as a bad cop with criticisms of her abusive and illegal actions that have no lawful authority by Garrett.  There were several citizens that criticized her on Ratemycop that have made complaints. 

Honorable Federal Judge Richard Smoak struck down the 1972 Florida Statute 843.17 on April 30, 2010 that was unconstitutional on its face and as applied for a false arrest that made it a crime to publish police officers’ addresses and phone numbers to intimidate, hinder or interfere with their duties. U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak ruled that the law violates the free speech rights of Rob Brayshaw, who challenged the law with help from the American Civil Liberties Union.  The charge was dismissed because the state had filed a “nolle pros” to not even go to trial on the case.  Later the state refiled the case two weeks later in violation of Florida’s speedy trial law.  Smoak also ordered the city to pay Brayshaw’s $25,000 in legal expenses for his false arrest as unconstitutional for being falsely and wrongfully applied to the law. The State of Florida paid $35,000 for the attorney fees for the legal challenge of the law being unconstitutional on its face.  If publishing any name, address or phone number was a crime, we would all be criminals.  Officer Annette Garrett with the Tallahassee Police Department is nothing but a lying fraud as a cop in which these cases don’t even apply to any legal law for legally protected actions by that of American Citizens.

The Fact is that Officer Annette Garrett has had four lawsuits in the last three years by Tallahassee Citizens with a stack of complaints with Internal Affairs.  She was found to be selling Avon products on the job from her office working as a police officer.  This is while using sensitive police files for tracking down a phone number for an Avon order that was sold and the lady had moved into a new home.  The Officer wasn’t paying attention driving and hit a trash can while damaging the mirror on a city vehicle as well.  The list of internal affairs complaints goes on and on.

On the streets, Garrett is known as a police officer with a very short, explosive temper by citizens for being rude, abusive and unprofessional as shown in lawsuits and complaints.

Tallahassee Residents, Rob and Stephanie Brayshaw, Dick Duffy along with numerous other citizens know this firsthand that has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this out of control cop.

Currently, this Officer Annette Garrett has two active lawsuits in court against her as the defendant with the city attorneys wasting our tax payers money defending her because of her illegal and out of control cop actions.  The Duffy’s have their case in Leon County Court going to trial in the upcoming months since filed in April 2009.  Rob Brayshaw just filed another case in federal court at the end of August this year against her for her removal of his internet postings and other documents of public information.  This is while a federal order was given in federal court regarding her illegal actions in the past for removing postings on Ratemycop under color of law with a badge for protected speech of criticisms and public information.  Even Federal Judge Richard Smoak published in his own federal court order Officer Annette Garrett’s home address.  It’s no secret to citizens that she lives at 1929 Queenswood Drive, Tallahassee Florida 32309.  Citizens should know her address for their personal safety and for the use of legal protest and sending subpoenas for lawsuits.  If she attempts to take this posting off, she’s getting sued a fifth time…

As Stated By Federal Judge Richard Smoak in Brayshaw V. City Of Tallahassee, State Of Florida:  “However, the issue of police accountability is certainly political and of legitimate public interest. Sheehan, 272 F. Supp. 2d at 1139 n.2, 1145. The publication of truthful personal information about police officers is linked to the issue of police accountability through aiding in achieving service of process, researching criminal history of officers, organizing lawful pickets, and other peaceful and lawful forms of civic involvement that publicize the issue. See id. Furthermore, Plaintiff as an individual is afforded no less rights than those afforded to the media, nor is the level of First Amendment scrutiny altered by the fact that the internet was the medium used by Plaintiff. See Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. v. Greenmoss Builders, Inc., 472 U.S. 749, 784, 105 S.Ct. 2939 (1985); Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844, 870, 117 S.Ct. 2329 (1997). Thus, Plaintiff’s speech, and that proscribed by § 843.17, is protected by the First Amendment.”

After the end of August, the federal lawsuit was just announced in yet another lawsuit against Officer Annette Garrett.  This is now four lawsuits in just about three years with three being in federal court and one in Leon County.  Two of the lawsuits are currently active in court for constitutional and civil rights violations.

It soon became apparent that officers had an animosity towards Rob Brayshaw, as a result of Brayshaw having previously complained to TPD Internal Affairs, regarding the officers’ rude, abusive and unprofessional conduct of Garrett (a case of no charges filed) with lack of Internal Affairs addressing these problem issues in the police department.

When Rob Brayshaw insisted on his innocence after being harassed for two months by Garrett with no charges filed for trespassing, TPD Officer Annette Garrett told him “You’re Guilty and you should take it as a gift.”  (Gift that he was not falsely arrested on Garrett’s made up and bogus claims in police report writing)

According to Internal Affairs complaints by numerous citizens against Garrett, this officer has sold Avon products while at her work office to citizens.  An IA complaint shows that a lady made a complaint for Garrett using police information to obtain her new address and call her at home for an old Avon order that had been ordered.  Garrett also wasn’t paying any attention and ran into a trash can and damaged a mirror on a city vehicle while working. 

Tallahassee police officers falsely charged Rob Brayshaw with two bogus misdemeanors for legally publishing an address of a crooked cop because they didn’t like the exposure of being a bad cop.  It was view-point discrimination by Garrett because she would have never made any arrest for being complimented of such actions as a cop.

Both false charges against Brayshaw were later dismissed in court in which the 1972 Florida Statute of 843.17 was found unconstitutional on it’s face and falsely applied for a false arrest in a federal court outside of the Leon County “Kangaroo” Court.

As written about countless times before, what started as a citizen calling Tallahassee police for assistance, quickly turned into crooked TPD officers like Annette Garrett and Mike Dilmore assaulting, arresting and violating the civil and constitutional rights of our Tallahassee Citizens.

And so, The City of Tallahassee will likely settle and/or defend yet another lawsuit of police misconduct and civil rights violations on behalf of its officers, and it’s back to business as usual when it comes to problem officers such as Officer Annette Garrett, who despite City officials being fully aware of her crooked and corrupt history, they refuse to do anything about it.

This should come at no surprise to our citizens as Tallahassee Police with Chief Dennis Jones got Rachel Hoffman killed during a botched drug sting in which they blamed the victim for their numerous screw-ups.  Internal Affairs and The Grand Jury found that Tallahassee Police Officers violated numerous policies.  This is in which the death later led to the passing of “Rachel’s Law” for better protecting of drug informants.  The parents of Rachel Hoffman were also paid $2.6 Million Dollars for the death of their only child that could have easily been avoided by TPD Screw-ups.

There has been a long list of situations for “problem officers” recently at the Tallahassee Police Department:

Tallahassee Police Officers Get (Young Girl) Drug Informants Killed While Not Monitoring Them During Their Mission Of Buying A Gun And Drugs

Tallahassee Police Falsely Arrest Citizens For Publishing Their Home Address As A Public Servant (Ex. Officers Mike Dilmore and Annette Garrett)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Buy Crack Cocaine (Ex. Officer Shannen Brown)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Pick Up Prostitutes (Ex. Sergeant John Newland)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Beat Up And Abuse Women (Ex. Brian Hart)

Tallahassee Police Officers Falsely Arrest FSU Football Stars (Ex. A.J. Graham) On Bogus Charges (Officers Vincent Boccio, Scott Cherry and April Doubrava)

Tallahassee Police Officers Assassinate And Kill Citizens While Paying-off Families For Target Practice (Officer Richard Pulido)

Tallahassee Police Officers Will Arrest You For Burglary If You Cashed A Check About 25 Years Ago

Tallahassee Police Officers Are Often Getting Complaints and Sued For Criminal Activities, Constitutional And Civil Rights Violations (Officer Annette Garrett)

Tallahassee Police Officers Often Get Arrested For Various Crimes In Tallahassee (Recent Ex. Officer Lyle Ottley)

The Tallahassee Police Department Often Harasses And Stalks Professional And Law Abiding Citizens (Ex. Melanie Tudor, TPD Victim’s Advocate)

Tallahassee Police Officers Are Often Accused Of False Police Report Writing For Bogus Charges


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Please See The Following Cases And Press Releases Regarding Officer Annette Garrett and Officer Mike Dilmore Of The Tallahassee Police Department:

Rob Brayshaw v. City Of Tallahassee, State Of Florida Complaint (Violations Of 1st And 14th Amendments)

Honorable Judge Richard Smoak Federal Court Order Striking Down Florida Statute 843.17 With City And State Paying $60,000 To ACLU

ACLU Press Release Regarding Officer Annette Garrett and Officer Mike Dilmore’s Malicious Violations Of Constitutional Rights

Attorney Randall Marshall, Legal Director Of Florida ACLU Talks About Unconstitutional 1972 Florida Statute 843.17 and Being A False Arrest

Brayshaw V. Officer Annette Garrett And Officer Mike Dilmore, City Of Tallahassee

The Duffy’s Vs. Officer Annette Garrett  (Lawsuit Active In Leon County Circuit Court Since April 2009)

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    Take a look at Vincent “Vinny” Boccio. A detecive and part-time security gaurd with a history of battery on women. Several IA complaints and active lawsuits.


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