Tallahassee Police Officer Sam Gereg Deserves Highest Recognition For Arrest

TPD police officer deserves highest recognition for arrest

  • October 11, 2012 |  By: John Pretti Of Examiner.Com

John Bresaw, 35, arrested in Tallahassee, wanted in Canada

John Bresaw, 35, arrested in Tallahassee, wanted in Canada
Credits:  Tallahassee Democrat
In football the highest tribute to the best player is the Heisman and already in October there are several on the “watch” list. In the entertainment field, we have the Emmy’s and in the film industry there is the Oscar. Here in Tallahassee, the Committee of 99 recognizes the most outstanding police office among the city, county and campus police departments.

This annual recognition honors those officers that perform over and above what is expected and this award is their Heisman and their Oscar.  This examiner is championing for Tallahassee police officer Sam Gereg to be on the committee’s “watch” list for this years’ award and recognition for outstanding duty.

Officer Sam Gereg was performing routine business checks at 4 a.m. Sunday and happened to come across a Canadian fugitive wanted in connection with three homicides and an arson case. Gereg confronted John Bresaw, 35, who was using electricity behind Mt. Zion AME Church on Old Bainbridge Road to run his laptop, police reports said.

Gereg, reported he has “never made contact with anyone engaged in lawful activity at this time of night at (the church),” and attempted to question Bresaw, who lied about his identity. Gereg continued to question Bresaw, who eventually gave his real name. Bresaw resisted when Gereg attempted to keep him at the church and call for backup. Bresaw attempted several times to grab Gereg’s gun and other tools on his belt, the report said.

Bresaw also shouted, “You’ll have to kill me,” several times. During the scuffle, Gereg put Bresaw in a headlock and punched him in the head and face, trying to stop him from grabbing his gun. Gereg and Bresaw broke away from each other. Bresaw then fled to a home in the 2200 block of Joyner Drive and crawled under the back deck. He was found and arrested there after a three-hour search involving tracking dogs and several officers.

Bresaw was arrested on charges of resisting an officer both with and without violence and battery on a police officer. He will also most likely be extradited to Canada for questioning and his police escort should be Officer Sam Gereg

This examiner will make every effort to be sure that someone at TPD and the Committee 99 reads this. Officer Gereg was already recognized by a citizen through a letter to the Tallahassee Democrat’s Letter to the Editor section for his bravery. The citizen noted that the paper printed a photo of Bresaw but none of Officer Gereg for his outstanding service to the city and citizens.

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One Comment on “Tallahassee Police Officer Sam Gereg Deserves Highest Recognition For Arrest”

  1. William Cobra Staubs Says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! Hell yes to my brother, good job. I hope the dogs and the taser’s were deployed. Send his ass back to Canada with a message, “come here if you want to be chewed, shocked, and beaten otherwise face the music where you are”
    Give the officer a little R&R, it much desirved and I for one salute him for his service.

    The Cobra Man


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