Our Opinion: State Attorney Willie Meggs | A Very Bad Choice For Another 4 Years! | Vote For Pete Williams!

State Attorney Willie Meggs has a poorly managed 2nd Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office.

With a budget in the millions, they only get convictions in about half their trials.

Part of the problem is that the office lets too many criminals get away like in the murder cover-up of David Mays as well as the death of Darrielle Copeland by LCSO Deputy’s wife, Melanie Humphries. 

Let’s not forget that Meggs likes to put law-abiding citizens like Rob Brayshaw in jail (never arrested before) for the mere publication of public information with an Unconstitutional 1972 Florida Statute that wasn’t even properly enforced for a false arrest of him exposing a crooked cop.  That case alone cost the tax payer’s over $100,000 because of false arrest, false charges and a federal court case against both the city and state in which they paid $60,000 in attorney fees to the ACLU alone.  The 1972 Florida Statute 843.17 was found Unconstitutional.

The history of State Attorney Willie Meggs shows that he often lets criminals get away with murder and other crimes for his lack of prosecution while overly prosecuting cases in which no crimes and or/petty crimes exist.

State Attorney Willie Meggs is being challenged this election by Pete Williams, a much better prosecutor with a much better record of convicting criminals as a state-wide prosecutor without bias and favortisms of selective prosecutions.  Even in interviews, you can hear Pete Williams talk about the local good ol’ boy network which explains how Willie Meggs protected his buddy Sheriff David Harvey for a prior hit and run and owning a country club while being Sheriff in violation of the laws.

Meggs has a deliberate distortion of the facts in his selective prosecutions.  You might remember that he stated “Everyone Speeds and Runs Red Lights” when this crooked and corrupt state attorney decided to be biased and probably racist in the non-prosecution of Melanie Humphries in the death of a little black girl, Darrielle Copeland.

Not only is Willie Meggs attempting to run for an eighth term as State Attorney with a $150,000 a year paycheck but he also collects $100,000 in retirement each year because he retired on November 30th, 2008.

This decision in the election for voting Pete Williams over that of Willie Meggs should be about saving tax payers money and one of public safety over politics with public corruption with the failures Of Meggs in public service working for our tax payers.   The crimes and cover-ups by Meggs and Campbell with Melanie Humphries, Richard Harte and the death of David Mays is unbelievable!

Sheriff Larry Campbell and State Attorney Willie Meggs have been a couple of good ol’ boys that have been robbing the tax payers of money and public service for years with gross negligence and gross incompetence with their corruptions.  They want to stay in office while being highly over-paid with basically no oversight or limitations with making up their own laws.

People say that Meggs and Campbell haven’t even spent enough time in the courtroom or the field in which several deputies and prosecutors rarely see either of them.  Meggs spends little time working as a prosecutor which explains the low conviction rate and the disarray of people being wrongfully and illegally prosecuted.

There are prosecutors who have been at the State Attorney’s Office for a year who never see Willie Meggs and have more trial time than him this year in the courtroom while he’s acting as State Attorney.

Behind the scenes

Many of the prosecutors in the State Attorneys Office have quit and gone into private practices or found other jobs.  The disarray of the office has caused problems with many prosecutors with disagreements over prosecutions like that of the highly publicized case of Nathan Prince.  State Attorney Willie Meggs failed to prosecute for the neglect of animals and other local problems that has raised concerns with his prosecutors.  “(State Attorney Willie) Meggs ultimately refused to prosecute the case,” Prince said. “Prosecuting is different from any other legal job.   (Prosecutors) cannot operate in the gray area.  Prosecutors have to do the right thing every time on every case.”

Read more: 49 animals neglected – Tallahassee, FL | Pet-Abuse.Com Animal Cruelty Database http://www.pet-abuse.com/cases/17887/FL/US/#ixzz28hSHspJY

Meggs has worked as a law enforcement officer over the years with both the Leon County Sheriff’s Office and Tallahassee Police which helps explain his cover-ups and lack of prosecutions for crooked local cops. 

Jack Campbell (Sheriff Larry Campbell’s Son) is working as a prosecutor in his office with the son of Willie Megg’s working for Sheriff Campbell, it should clearly show the conflict of interest with the local government’s monopoly of quid pro quo among the good ol’ boys.   

State Attorney Willie Meggs will brush off the complaints and he shows a lack of accountability and a belief that the laws and rules don’t apply to him and other government officials.

Choosing sides

The Choice for Pete Williams as State Attorney in the vote should be clear!  Meggs has a low conviction rate and he’s not doing a good job at all.  The American Legal System shouldn’t have any place for biased and selective prosecutions with good ol’ boy networking with campaign pay-offs and other favors.

Even the PBA is now endorsing Pete Williams even after Meggs has been in office for 28 years because they think he’s a complete joke as State Attorney and a bad choice.

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3 Comments on “Our Opinion: State Attorney Willie Meggs | A Very Bad Choice For Another 4 Years! | Vote For Pete Williams!”

  1. Richard Davis Says:

    Has anybody bother to get the FBI involved maybe if enough people call the FBI with complaints they will start their own investigation on Mr. meggs and sheriff Larry Campbell.



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