William “Cobra” Staubs Writes Tally O And Says PBA Said They Were “Neutral” In Leon County Sheriff’s Race

I received word back from the PBA which stated : “we did not indorse Larry Campbell”  it also stated that they remained neutral.

So I guess I was half pleased. The reason some do not indorse Lisa Sprauge I feel in part is because they don’t know of her or haven’t taken the time to know her.

We must do all we can to get the word out and let folks know this is not your average candidate nor is she part of the “good ole boy” network.

Her struggle in this campaign reminds me of the “little rascals” tv show that possibly aired before some of your readers time. The little boys in the film had a special club, “the he man woman’s haters club” Later in life REO Speedwagon wrote a song and at the leaden Spanky is told by Alfalfa that he must do what he must do. Basically Alfalfa came to the realization that women are important and the days of the he man woman’s hater clubs are no longer part of his thought process, ie…HE GREW UP!

In conclusion to my little rant, we must all grow up and get the word out that yes there are more qualified candidates and some just happen to be WOMEN.

I just pray that the NRA and The Leon County Board of Realtors as well as a few others that are supporting this “larry the cable he man woman hater” comes to their senses and RE-CALL their endorsements. And if not, maybe we who don’t hate and don’t want to shoot women can change who we support.

The Cobra Man


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