The Tallahassee O Always Supports Police Officers (But Not The Rogue Cops That Are Criminals With Badges)

While some people may view The Tallahassee O as a “Cop Hater Site” and not understand some of the posts, it is actually a tool being used for responsibility, accountability and transparency of police officers.

Some of the opinions and/or views on this website are those of the website supporters and not necessarily our own views.   There are no political candidates running for office that support or own The Tallahassee O.  We strictly support the individuals that we feel would be best for the community of Leon County and Tallahassee.

All the Political Candidates That We Support In The Elections Do Not Own Our Website or Network.  Our efforts that we stand for as a media group is responsibility, accountability and transparency.  Unfortunately, most of the current incumbents in office don’t have those qualities in which we probably need to vote them all out!

Police Officers, Prosecutors and Judges are violating constitutional and civil rights everyday that they have sworn to uphold.  Some of them are demonic and evil as shown everyday in news stories across the media.

There is obviously those who operate a crooked government and there are those trying to make a difference and while they wear a uniform and badge, we don’t dislike them also as a whole group.

Exposing the corruption of local government is hard for any media group to do without an incorrect distinction by that of some readers.

We know our readers want change in government as we all do and let’s try to exhibit a clear difference between those that want to conduct themselves properly and represent and protect us as opposed to the other crooked government officials out there that simply don’t care while running things as they like outside the law.

At the end of the day, we believe our readers want what we all want, a better and more effective community that we all feel safe in.  Right now, our City has been named the 8th Most Dangerous City in the United States by Forbes Magazine, the Highest Crime Rate in the state and the third highest in traffic accidents and fatalities.

While there are many great accomplishments for applauding our local law enforcement, there is also clearly a need for change in our community in which these public servants are paid by us to work for us.  If the views of these individuals are not the same as yours like that of Sheriff Larry Campbell or State Attorney Willie Meggs as top members of local government, it’s time that you put your vote elsewhere.

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7 Comments on “The Tallahassee O Always Supports Police Officers (But Not The Rogue Cops That Are Criminals With Badges)”

  1. William Cobra Staubs Says:

    Well said. I’m glad you clarified your position as I support good and honest officers and defend them as my brothers. You may already know how I feel about the “cable guy” and those like him.
    Again, thanks for the clarity and transparency.

    The Cobra Man


    • thetallahasseeo Says:

      There’s many great things that we could say about the good and honest officers out there. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time and resources in which we feel more focus and spotlight needs to be on all the public corruption. Otherwise, much of it would never see the light of day for effecting change in our local community.


  2. Ron Says:

    Thank you for your clarification. It’s sad to see alot of good officers out there that are run by corrupt superiors. Someone definitely needs to observe and report them. How could you report corruption if you have seen it first hand?


    • thetallahasseeo Says:

      Yes, it is sad to see alot of good officers out there that are run with corrupt superiors. The problem in Leon County and Tallahassee is because of bad superiors like Marks, Jones, Meggs and Campbell that were never fit for duty with the positions exployed in government. Not only do they need to be observed and reported to the FBI for their illegal and unethical actions, Campbell, Meggs and Marks need to be voted out in which things will eventually work out in finding a better chief of police as well. Patrol Officers In Tallahassee are generally not the problem but the leaderships on the local level couldn’t be much worse…it’s a complete joke with the operations illegaly being run like “Dukes Of Hazzard”.


      • Ron Says:

        Agreed, the FBI needs to watch these thugs.It’s even worse in DOC, great officers but the leaders are very corrupt.The good ole boy system is still very much around and these people protect their own and screw everyone that is not connected to them if you do the right thing and talk about some of their discrepancies. Its a shame that us taxpayers pay their salary! Something needs to be done. They lie to officals investigating them just to cover their tracks. I have seen it first hand.If the public knew how they operated they would be outraged and demand a change. Only thing is,how do we let the public know.

      • thetallahasseeo Says:

        Everything you say is true! How do we let the public know? — We Expose It On The Network Of The Tallahassee O!

      • Ron Says:

        In due time,in due time.

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