Special Report: Bozos With Badges | Top Twelve Reasons To Avoid Tallahassee Police Officers

Below You Will Find The Top Twelve Reasons To Avoid Tallahassee Police Officers That Are Often Unfit For Duty For Being Corrupt, Dirty And Dishonest!

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Tallahassee Police Officers Get (Young Girl) Drug Informants Killed While Not Monitoring Them During Their Mission Of Buying A Gun And Drugs

Tallahassee Police Falsely Arrest Citizens For Publishing Their Home Address As A Public Servant (Ex. Officers Mike Dilmore and Annette Garrett)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Buy Crack Cocaine (Ex. Officer Shannen Brown)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Pick Up Prostitutes (Ex. Sergeant John Newland)

Tallahassee Police Officers Like To Beat Up And Abuse Women (Ex. Brian Hart)

Tallahassee Police Officers Falsely Arrest FSU Football Stars (Ex. A.J. Graham) On Bogus Charges (Officers Vincent Boccio, Scott Cherry and April Doubrava)

Tallahassee Police Officers Assassinate And Kill Citizens While Paying-off Families For Target Practice (Officer Richard Pulido)

Tallahassee Police Officers Will Arrest You For Burglary If You Cashed A Check About 25 Years Ago

Tallahassee Police Officers Are Often Getting Complaints and Sued For Criminal Activities, Constitutional And Civil Rights Violations (Officer Annette Garrett)

Tallahassee Police Officers Often Get Arrested For Various Crimes In Tallahassee (Recent Ex. Officer Lyle Ottley)

The Tallahassee Police Department Often Harasses And Stalks Professional And Law Abiding Citizens (Ex. Melanie Tudor, TPD Victim’s Advocate) 

Tallahassee Police Officers Are Often Accused Of False Police Report Writing For Bogus Charges

Based On The Example Cases Of Above, The Tallahassee Police Department Has Several Officers That Are Jack-booted Thugs That Are “Unfit For Duty” In Which They Are Not Protecting And Serving Our Citizens As Public Servants As Paid To Do! 

The Tallahassee Police Department Is Involved In Many Crimes And Fraud To The Public With Their Long History.  They Need To Be Under A Full Federal Review By The FBI Along With Having A “Real Citizens Review Board” Because Internal Affairs Is A Total Joke With The Police Policing The Police “Buddy-system” Which Is No Different Than The Mafia Watching Their Own.

The Tallahassee Police Department Consistently Has A Hiring Problem With Hiring Clowns And Criminals In Which Some Of Them Should Be Working At The Circus With Others In Jail!



Tallahassee Police Officer Internal Affairs Complaints 1985-2012 

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2 Comments on “Special Report: Bozos With Badges | Top Twelve Reasons To Avoid Tallahassee Police Officers”

  1. Josh M Says:

    Come on Tallahasseeo.com. You know there are more reasons. Dig! Dig!


    • thetallahasseeo Says:

      Josh M, There are more and more reasons! You’re welcome to add to the list in your comments. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to write them all so we stuck to the top 12 known off hand.


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