Occupy Tallahassee: No Plans to Leave Camp Site By September

Occupy Tallahassee: No Plans to Leave Camp Site By September

Reported by: Brittany Jones | Email: bjones@wtxl.tv | Last Update: 6:46 pm


TALLAHASSEE; Fla. (WTXL)–Larry Hendricks was shocked when a city official showed up to the occupy Tallahassee campsite issuing campers a 2 weeks notice to move out.

“I was a little taken back especially with given such short notice, I always assumed that things were going to be discussed and if it was a problem then we’d sit down at the table and have that discussion not the kind of political fashion that things were handled,” says Hendricks.

The occupy movement is an ongoing protest throughout the country. Members of Occupy find a place and they occupy the spot until their told to leave. Occupy Tallahassee members have set up shop between Gaines and Bronough Street for nearly a year.

“Basically it wouldn’t be an occupy wall street or an occupy Tallahassee if it wasn’t for the mishandling and mis-allocations of this community, this state, and this country,” says Hendricks.

Occupiers like Hendricks say they want the government to put more dollars into education and make health care more affordable for residents.

They say the city is infringing on their freedom speech by asking them to move. Michelle bono, a city spokeswoman says Occupy was a lot busier and protesting a while back, now its not much going on.

“The only thing we’re saying is there is no longer a need to have this site or this camp ground in the heart of the city close to the capitol and that’s run its course,” says Bono.

Bono says the city has a good relationship with the campers so they don’t think it’ll be a problem when its time to clear out this campsite on– September 1.

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