Crestview Police Investigator Tim White Fired For Planting Drugs And Perjury

Crestview Police Investigator Tim White Fired For Planting Drugs And Perjury

Posted by:  | Posted date:  June 29, 2012

Crestview Police Investigator Tim White Fired For Planting Drugs And Perjury

As Pervasive Okaloosa County Law Enforcement Corruption Continues-Citizens Are Too Afraid To Speak Out

CRESTVIEW, FL | June 26, 2012—Citizens in Crestview refused to give comments to reporters investigating yet another officer fired for corruption, perjury and planting drugs. The citizens of Crestview said they were afraid to speak publicly about the Crestview Police Department corruption because they may suffer reprisals from law enforcement.

On June 11, 2012, Interim Police Chief, Kenneth E. Brundrick, authored a NOTICE OF PRE-TERMINATION HEARING directed to Crestview police officer, Tim White. White was fired after admitting he was instructed by his supervisor to steal marijuana from a SWAT Team locker and plant the illegal drugs to justify a search warrant. The sworn affidavit Tim White executed to obtain the search warrant was false. Because White submitted the false affidavit to a judge in order to get the warrant, White knowingly committed an act of felony perjury pursuant to Florida Statue 837.02, “PERJURY DURING AN OFFICIAL COURT PROCEEDING.”

Local officer fired for planting drugs:

White is accused of the following violations and/or Florida Statutes:

FSS 837.02 Perjury FSS918.13 Tampering with/or Fabricating Evidence FSS 838.022 Official Misconduct FSS 817.49 False Report of the Commission of a Crime FSS 810.09 Trespass on Property

In a written statement, White alleges that his supervisor intimidated him into committing the acts he was fired for and that they threatened to have him fired if he told anyone. SEE FULL STATEMENT BELOW…Its of note that on June 11, 2009, Officer Timothy W. White Jr, was honored by Mayor David Cadle as the Officer of the Quarter, for the 2nd quarter of 2009.  He received this honor because of his investigations that led to the a planned bank robbery of a Crestview and Nebraska bank.

White’s statement went on to say that he was conducting an investigation of the subject residence by pulling trash from the garbage can of the home, attempting to gather enough evidence to obtain a search warrant.  White claims one of the “trash pulls” revealed a “small amount of marijuana” and that his supervisor told him, “If I was in your shoes I’d get marijuana from the SWAT closet and add in to what you found.” White went on to write that the drugs he used to obtain the bogus search warrant was located in a “dog box” used to assist in the training of narcotic dogs.

In March 2010, it was also Inv. Timothy W. White Jr., that filed a sworn affidavit to obtain a search warrant on a home owned by a candidate running for the office of Crestview Mayor.  The Crestview Mayoral candidate, Alan Lee Sampson, of 118 Trenton Ave., had publicly criticized the Crestview Police Department and pledged that if elected as Crestview’s Mayor in 2010, he would fire both Police Chief Brian Mitchell and Major Joseph Floyd.  This leaves a lot of questions as to whether or not this was a politically motivated character assignation of a political opponent or not.

After a search warrant was executed by Inv. White and other CPD Officers, Alan Sampson and his juvenile son were both arrested. Alan Lee Sampson was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and a felony charge of maintaining a dwelling used for the distribution or sale of illegal narcotics.  Surprisingly, Okaloosa County Judge Jim Ward threw out the felony charge against Mr. Sampson at his First Appearance hearing the following morning.

One month prior on February 18, 2010, Mr. Sampson was also arrested by Crestview Police for allegedly committing a battery by touch or strike.  This incident is reported to have occurred in Sampson’s driveway between he and at least six juvenile skateboarders on his property.  Mr. Sampson denies he committed any violations of the law and that each of his arrest were politically motivated.

Additionally, Mr. Sampson, a retired Army veteran of 22 years, was arrested in 2002 by Crestview PD from an indecent which seemed from Sampson flying his American Flag upside down, representing the noble nation he served, being in distress.  An officer claims he saw the flag flying in front of Sampson’s home upside down and assumed vandals were responsible.  The officer states that he trespassed onto Sampson property and turned the flag right-side up.  Sampson called the CPD and the officer returned, where he alleged Sampson disturbed the peace and was arrested for disorderly conduct and public mutilation of a U.S. flag.

Sampson was quoted by the Northwest Florida Daily News on May 14, 2010 as saying:

I never believed in my wildest dreams drugs would be planted on my 15-year-old son by police in order to obtain a search warrant for my house.

All charges agaisnt Sampson were dismissed. If Sampson was the target of one or more politically motivated FALSE ARREST by corrupt law enforcement, there is not doubt Sampson will be bring a huge lawsuit against the City of Crestview Police Department, for which the citizens will pay dearly.

Inv. White also confessed to being present when his unnamed supervisor killed a relative’s dog by firing two rounds into the animals head using Officer White’s service pistol. He states that the supervisor asked him to kill the dog, but he refused and that once again, the supervisor told him he’d be fired he anyone found out. His statement continues as follows:

The reason for not telling a superior officer about the details of these three incidents is that I was in fear of losing my job and career as a police officer. This supervisor in question used and still uses intimidation as a tool to control his subordinates and make them do things that he wants them to do. This certain supervisor manipulates people into thinking high ranking officials within this department are racist and “dirty” police officers when in fact he is the one that should be investigated. The supervisor in questions has spread numerous rumors about me stating I’m a dirty police officer and people need to “watch out” when it comes to me and not to pick up on my “bad habits.” l feel like this is a major issue within the department and needed to be investigated .

Okaloosa Law Enforcement Corruption Intimidates Citizens From Speaking Out Or Reporting Crimes By Police

Okaloosa Law Enforcement Corruption Intimidates Citizens From Speaking Out Or Reporting Crimes By Police

It appears that Officer White’s written admissions were addressed directly to Crestview Mayor David Cadle on or about October 7, 2011, a full six month prior to the arrest of Crestview Police Officer Joseph Floyd.

Officer Tim White’s termination also follows Crestview Police Chief Brain Mitchell’s recent firing in the wake of the Florida Grand Jury indictment of Crestview PD’s second in command, Major Joseph “Joey” Floyd, for felony racketeering. Major Floyd has not been criminally charged for any other of the alleged crimes he’s reported to have committed against many citizens, nor the fear and intimidation tactics he’s alleged to have used on fellow officers and citizens alike. The Crestivew Police Department is also defending a federal civil rights lawsuit due to Major Floyd allegedly killing the unborn baby of an innocent woman. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

There was one other street crimes officer who worked with Major Floyd, which was terminated and the police department is conducting an internal investigation of itself.

Okaloosa Sheriff Candidate Austin Sheridan Lowrey II

Okaloosa County Republican Sheriff Candidate, Austin Sheridan Lowrey II, being interviewed by reporter in Crestview, Florida.

FOX10 sent a reporter to Crestview attempting to gain more information and hear what the citizens has to say, but almost everyone they spoke to was terrorized and too afraid to say what they think about the latest law enforcement corruption in Okaloosa County and crimes committed by officers sworn to protect them.

It is unknown at this time if White was an unwilling victim who scummed to the alleged fear and intimidation of other sworn law enforcement officers. The matter is reported to be under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcment and Florida’s First Judicial Circuit State Attorney, William Eddins.

Bill Eddins is the State Attorney which investigated and prosecuted former Okaloosa County Sheriff, Charlie Morris, for handing out unjustified frivolous bonuses to employees and deputies. However, it the Republican candidate running for Okaloosa Sheriff, Sheridan Lowrey, just this week exposed the transcripts of sworn testimony given by one of Eddin’s criminal investigators, Randy Crowder. The transcripts reveal that Eddins was engaged in the theft of taxpayer monies through the same UNJUSTIFIED BONUS SCHEME that landed Morris in a federal prison.


Sheridan Lowrey, a professionally licensed businessman in Destin, FL, has no law enforcement experience, but seems to be the only sheriff candidate willing to go after corruption in the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office, the Shalimar Police Department and other state and local agencies. You can learn more about him at his website; or call him at (850) 269-2077 to report your story of law enforcement, judicial or elected official corruption.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sheridan Lowrey, Republican, for Okaloosa County Sheriff.

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  1. george eady Says:

    to look at T White . THIS nothing. i have been trying to show this town since 1993 the kind of corruption that is here .none stop .it started with the 911 super viser .pragnated his 14 yr .my son named dad .when they seen i was not that dum .he used my son and her to set my traler on fire .to get ride of me .and 10 others .by nat gas explosen .all of this was covered up by the sheriff office .fire department .D.A .TOP TO BOTTOM .oct 8 will be 19 yrs of trying to get jestice in okaloosa co .fl .32569 .this story on white .not much here .the news has been go with the flow .since day one .to hold all resopnceable for the last 18 one half yrs .the country would have to shout down .most would be in jail .if not for what they did . then for what they DID NOT DO .to clean out the corruption here would be grate for the county and for the state for the next 20 yrs . my name is george fate eady . address 211 squirrel haven rd mary esther fl 32569 . you say if all of this true .why am i still around .they have tryed .


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